A long time ago a man inherited money from a rich uncle. This man, lets call him John, had always struggled. Life had not been kind to him. No matter what he tried to do to succeed in life he failed and he had grown accustomed to struggling and being poor. So when that day came and he received the phone call from the lawyer telling him about his inheritance he had problems believing it at first. So the first thing he did after hanging up the phone was to figure out how he was going to make rent next month. John knew his life had changed, he knew that from that day on he would never ever have to worry again about money, but even so he just could not snap out of the habit of worrying and expecting the worst. 


The lawyer had told him how he was to go about to get his hands on the money. John lived abroad in a foreign country and he had to travel to the home country of his uncle to get it. John had no money to pay for such a trip so the lawyer had already purchased the ticket for him, he only had to go to the airport, show a proof of identification and he would be on the next plane out to get his hands on the money. 


John had a friend which we will call Peter. They had been friends for a long time since childhood and knew each other very well. Peter heard about the inheritance, and came over to meet with John. By now John had slowly begun to accept reality, his life had changed and now he had become a very wealthy man, all because of an uncle he had never seen only read about in the family genealogy. Peter had always loved John, but the idea that John would go of to another country and come back a wealthy man terrified Peter. He feared he would loose his best friend, because now Peter would continue to be poor but John would be wealthy. 

So the first thing Peter did was trying to convince John to be careful. How did he know the lawyer had told the truth? How did he know there really was an airplane ticket waiting for him at the airport? How did he know he really had a wealthy uncle who had left him all this money? Had he done anything to deserve it?


John listened, and suddenly something shifted in his mind and he begun to accept what Peter said. What if he was set up by somebody. What if there was no great uncle. How could he know for sure this was the truth? He remembered the phone call, he remembered reading about the uncle in the big book of family history. But he had to admit, he had not done anything to deserve this inheritance. 


The talk between Peter and John went on for hours, and then suddenly John looked at the time, he should have been at the airport hours ago. Then he heard a familiar sound above his head, a sound he had heard so many times living close to the airport. It was the sound of an aircraft taking of and gaining altitude as it was climbing, and he knew that was his aircraft. He had missed his flight because the talk with Peter had kept him busy for so long. And then he remembered something the lawyer had told him. 

The uncle that had left him all this money was an eccentric fellow, he had said that John had to believe this to be true to get the money. He had to show he trusted the uncles promise in the will. But most of all, he had to show he understood how he did not deserve any of the money in the first place. If he did not obey to these instructions, the will would be cancelled and John would never see the money. 


With a shocked look on his face John sat back down in the chair and accepted that life would never change, but this time it was his own fault. 


We cant blame John for thinking like this, after all he was faced with two almost impossible things. He had to accept a gift he did not earn and he had to believe in something he had no proof of. Is this not a part of being human, somebody presents us with a gift we did nothing to earn and something springs up inside of us that almost takes control over our mouth and we hear ourself say "I can accept this, its to much" even though we do want to accept it. But its just so hard for us, because we have not done anything to deserve it. 


And I guess we cant blame John for finding it difficult to believe in something he had no proof of. This is also a part of being human, when somebody gives us a promise of a gift we never deserved we find it hard to believe them. How do we know we can trust another human promising us something we cant see, touch or taste, a gift we did not deserve in the first place.


Being human forces us to work for things so we can say we have earned them, but it also fills us with distrust to our fellow man so we cant accept gifts we do not see yet. Its just a fact of life, but it can also make it difficult for us to accept the most important gift mankind has ever been given. 


I have always searched for answers as far back as I can remember. Always believing there had to be something out there, there had to be a god and there had to be a spiritual dimension to life which I still had to discover. So I searched in every religion I could get my hands on, I tried almost everything from new age to buddhism but I was soon to discover the answer I searched for was nowhere to be found in any of these religions. But at the time I could not define with words what I was looking for, it was just like a spiritual itch I had to satisfy and I did not know how. 


My life was normal at the time, I had a good job and friends, but something was missing in my life but I did not know what that something was. I remember September 11.2001, I was at work and a radio was turned on where I heard the news about the first aircraft hitting the twin towers in New York. At the time I thought like the rest of the world it was a terrible accident. I did not watch or listen to the news until I got home that day, and the first thing I did was to turn on the television where I saw the second aircraft hitting the twin towers. I understood with the rest of the world, this was no accident but an act of pure evil. That terrified me, the thought that people could be that evil scared me. At that moment I heard an audible voice telling me I was just as evil as those men who flew those aircrafts into the twin towers. 


At the time I was living a normal life, I did not party and I never got drunk. I was not living in adultery and I had not committed any crimes. But when that voice spoke to me I knew it was telling the truth. It felt like the intelligence behind that voice could see inside of my mind, my soul, will and emotions. It felt like He saw things inside of myself and then turned me inside out and showed it to me. And I had to admit he was telling the truth, even though I was living a good clean moral life I was just as evil as those men deep down inside of me. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt I was nothing but pure evil deep inside of myself and I had the potential to do what those men did. 


What had happened to me was this, God had caught me and showed me my sin and my sin nature. This is why He gave us the 10 commandments, He did not give them to us for us to live by them. He gave them to us to show us our inability to live by them and how evil we are and how we need His forgiveness and salvation. 

That day I was saved, I repented from my sins and chose to trust in what Jesus had done for me at the cross. 


If you take an honest look at your own life, you will soon see how the law of God exposes your sin. The law of God not only exposes our sins, it also makes us painfully aware of our guilt and it shows us that God is just and righteous if He chooses to send us to hell. We have no defense, we know we have violated His law so he has every right to judge us to end up in hell. But even so, because of His mercy and His love He chooses to give us an alternative. 


We do not deserve Jesus, we do not deserve to be forgiven and we do not deserve heaven. But because He loves us He chooses to provide the sacrifice for our sins His law demands. He gives us Jesus and Jesus lives a perfect life, so when His blood is shed on a cross it is satisfying payment for our sins. But God does not force us to accept this, we can choose to be judged for our own sins if we so desire. But if we want to we can be forgiven by God, our guilt washed away completely, if we will only believe what Jesus did for us at the cross. 


Being human makes it difficult to trust a giver of a gift when we do not see any proof of the gift. It also makes it difficult for us to accept a gift when we do not feel we deserve it because we have not worked for it.  But if we do not choose to trust the giver of this gift, and accept this gift, it will shut us out of heaven and we will end up in hell when we die. 


So we have a choice, but God has made it easy for us to choose this gift even if we do not see any proof of it and we do not deserve it. 


Lets first look at something we cant deny, we cant deny the fact that the 10 commandments testify to our guilt. We know we have lied, we know we have stolen things regardless of its value, we know we have committed adultery in our heart many times. So we know the law of God tells us we are liars, thieves and adulterer at heart. It does not matter if you believe in God or not, you cant deny this because you know you have done these things. So even if there was no God you would still be a liar and a thief.


So it is obvious we do not deserve heaven, we deserve hell and it is obvious we cant work our way into heaven. So we cant earn Gods forgivness, there is just no way to do that because we have already failed in every way. 


How then do we know we can trust Gods promise of forgiveness through faith and trust in what Jesus did for us?


We know God demands blood as atonement for our sins (Lev 17:11) because life is in the blood. And we know that the soul that sin against God shall end up in hell. (Ezek 18:20). So a person that sins will end up in hell, and blood can pay for sin. But it has to be human blood, because the blood of animals cant pay or atone for human sin. And if it is the blood of a person that has sinned, it can only pay for that persons own sins. But if it is the blood of a person that has never sinned a day in his life, the soul of that person will never end up in hell and the blood can pay for other peoples sins. 


We know Jesus never sinned a day in His life, so when He died, His soul did not go to hell. But we also know that because He never sinned His blood could pay for our sins. So there is no doubt, we can know for sure that God forgives us if we trust in what Jesus did for us at the cross.


So we can know for sure and trust Gods promise that He will forgive us if we trust in what Jesus did. 


So we do not have to be like John who missed out on his inheritance because his friend Peter managed to talk him into it. We can know for sure, but God does not stop there. We can access this inheritance if we will only choose to believe in what Jesus did for us, and it is easy to believe because the law and Gods word gives us proof. We do not deserve heaven, we deserve hell, but He has made a way and the way is through trusting in the cross. But even so there are many christians today who are acting like John. Perhaps we do not have a Peter in our life trying to talk us out of our inheritance. Perhaps it is something else, but the end result is the same, we miss out on our inheritance but we also miss out on heaven. 


Are you still a little like John? Finding it hard to believe? Stay with me and you will see God understands, but God has given you something else to help you believe. 


The Holy Spirit is God just as much as Jesus is God and the Father is God. We do not believe in 3 gods, the Bible teaches there is 1 God who expresses Himself in 3 persons the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Father. The Holy Spirit has always been present on earth, and He will continue to be present until the end of days because He is the one who draws people to God. If the Holy Spirit went away nobody could be saved. But He has never been able to stay and live inside of sinful human beings until the day Jesus had finished the cross. 


When we trust in what Jesus did for us at the cross we inherit the righteousness of Jesus. Our old unrighteousness dies the moment we trust what Jesus did for us, and we become righteous. (Romans 3:22). It is as if we never sinned, and when God looks as us He does not see all the times we sinned against His law. He sees a man or a woman who trusts that the sacrifice of Jesus was for them for their sins, and then He looks at the sacrifice of Jesus and He accepts it. His acceptance of the sacrifice of Jesus makes that man or woman righteous and completely forgiven by God. It is as if they never sinned a day in their life and they become holy. 


The Holy Spirit can only live in a holy vessel, a sanctified human being who is holy in the eyes of God. We become holy by trusting in the sacrifice of Jesus, and we maintain our position as being holy through continued trust in that sacrifice. So God gives us His Holy Spirit when we trust in the sacrifice of Jesus as a down payment and proof of our salvation by faith through grace. 


Yes I know, we cant see or touch the Holy Spirit, but we can experience His presence. 




Well first of all we have to understand that Jesus in back up in heaven with His Father, at the same time God is not confined only to heaven. He is omnipresent, so He is everywhere at the same time. So He is just as much here on earth as He is in heaven, and He is here on earth through His Holy Spirit. 


How can we experience the Holy Spirit?


By trusting in what Jesus did for us, that trust makes us holy. And we cant experience the Holy Spirit without first becoming holy through trust in what Jesus did for us. (Romans 8:1-11)


So our life with the Holy Spirit begins with our trust in what Jesus did for us. Make a special note of this, because there are so many out there who preaches that we are to trust the Holy Spirit. And yes, we are to trust Him but our focus should never be the Holy Spirit. Our focus should always be what Jesus did for us and our trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ. That way, and only that way will we experience the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit can only function and work in the life of a holy individual and we can only be holy through our faith and trust in what Jesus did for us. 


So by trusting in what Jesus did for us we will see how the Holy Spirit taking charge over our life, helping us, working for us, guiding us and making every part of the Bible come to life in our lifes. 


This is where it takes faith, this is where you have to make the choice not to be like John but choose to trust what you already know. You already know you dont deserve heaven, you already know your only hope is to trust Jesus and what He did for you. And from that trust you will get to experience Gods proof of your salvation, the Holy Spirit. 


So what it comes down is this, it is not hard to believe and to trust what Jesus did because the proof is in the pudding as they say. 


But that trust also opens up an entire new world for us, our inheritance as children of God. 


When Jesus died for us He did not just die to save us from our sins, He also gave us the key to the Kingdom. 


We know our trust in what Jesus did for us make us into Gods children (John 3:16). When we are born into this world we are children of the devil (John 8:44, 1.John 3:10). But through faith and trust in what Jesus did for us we become righteous because we inherit the righteousness of Jesus Christ. (2.Cor 5:21, Rom 3:22). Inheriting the righteousness of Jesus Christ gives us our position as a beloved son or daughter of God through faith in what Jesus did for us. Being a son or a daughter of God makes you an heir of Gods kingdom (Romans 8:17).


Our trust in the blood of Jesus shed for us gives us the entire Kingdom of God as our inheritance. 


In the Kingdom of God there is no sickness, no poverty, no lack no loneliness and no violence. The Kingdom of God is heaven, and in a way we inherit heaven that is to come but are also heirs to the Kingdom right here and now. 

So what is the difference?


The first obvious difference is this: There is no death in the Kingdom of God, but we all know that one day we will die. Even believers will experience physical death if Jesus does not return first. The second difference is this, there is no aging in the Kindgom of God. But we all know that we age, even believers will age and grow old. 


So it is obvious there is some parts of our inheritance we dont get to experience just yet. Something is our inheritance, but it will come in the future when Christ returns to rapture us or we die and leave this earth to be with Him. 


But some parts of our inheritance is for us to enjoy right here and now, such as healing, provision, protection, peace and guidance. 


Yes I know, when you are sick or when you dont have enough money, this is hard to believe. The circumstances demands our attention, the physical and emotional pain is so real. The bank account and the unpaid bills seem to be so real, and yes they ar real. They are very real, but they are not God. Being believers in what Jesus did for us we did not inherit sickness, poverty, lack, dispear, anxiety, worry. We are heirs to the totally opposit things, we are heirs to wealth, health, peace,joy being heirs to the Kingdom of God. So how do we claim our inheritance?


Remember Peter? Peter talked John out of believing his inheritance. If John had stood his ground and focused his mind on what he was promised he would have gone to the airport and become a wealthy man. 


True biblical spiritual warfare is never fighting against demon spirits trying to hinder us or destroy us. The devil and his demons lost the battle 2000 years ago when Jesus died for us. So we are not to do what Jesus has already done. We are not to fight a war that Jesus has already won. We are to fight the good fight of faith (1.Tim 6:12) and the good fight of faith is reminding the devil, his demons AND ourself what happened 2000 years ago when Jesus died for us. We are to remind the devil, his demons AND ourself that we are already healed by the blood of Jesus, we are already wealthy by the blood of Jesus, our bills are already payed by the blood of Jesus. All we need we already have because of the blood of Jesus. This is true biblical spiritual warfare.


Yes I know, the symptoms are still there. The bills has not vanished, and the account in your bank is still empty. But this is what war is like, and we are in a war (Eph 6:12). It is a war we have already won, but sometimes it can take a while for the result to show up in our lifes. While we are waiting we are to continue to fight the good fight of faith, to remind ourself what we are and what we have inherited in the blood. To remind ourself that because of the blood of Jesus I am wealthy, because of the blood of Jesus I have enough money to pay my bills today, because of the blood of Jesus I am healed, because of the blood of Jesus I am debt free, because of the blood of Jesus I have more then enough to meet all my needs and to provide for myself and my family and extra to give to charity and the Kingdom of God. 


You have an inheritance, it is a blood bought inheritance. But you need to claim it as yours and keep on claiming it until it becomes reality in your life. The only way to claim it is through the blood of Jesus. 

Published by Apostle Ernie apostleernie@outlook.com