Every one has some aspiration, some dream in their life which propels them to achieve something they always want to get. Sometimes we see dreams which belong to both material and spiritual world, but we fail to understand what is more important.

People say I want to be a millionaire and I want to be happy too. Being a millionaire belongs to the material world and being Happy comes under the soul’s domain. So, you can’t hold two extremes together.

The Universe works on simple principle Get and give it back to the world. It means you are born with certain abilities and one unique gift which no one possesses except you. You are born with some impurities which need to be understood well and are to be removed during your life. Identifying your unique gift is easy yet very complex.

There are possibilities, in which you know what you are born for, but certain life event occurs and changes your calculation, and then you are in a way which was not meant for you. Only a few have that courage to follow what their heart tells.

Most of the people are ignorant about who they are, why they are born, what life expects from them. They keep on choosing between rights and wrongs on the basis of material parameters and keep building their concepts and update their rule book about how they perceive Life.

The universe is a vast stage on which there are several plays going around the world. Some plays catch a large number of audiences while at some smaller stages there are no audiences. The roles are already defined, if someone is good at directing a play and knows how the characters should act, then he can’t be an actor. He could be a good actor, but not the best. The best has been already allotted to him, which is certainly not acting but the direction.

Imagine Nikola Tesla is handling some country as President, then who would have done those precious inventions. Or Swami Vivekananda opted for a job then how the whole world would have been benefited from his teachings.

“The world is seriously hit as most of us have entered a wrong stage where we are doing what we are not meant to do”.

Life is an endless journey with unlimited births, but the time is limited in every birth. The basic objective is to learn, give exams and life will promote you to next higher levels. Life never expects a baby to lift a hundred pound barbell rod, it gives tasks as per your capacities only. The Question will always be equal to its answer.


In life, we choose our questions and then it make us run so that we could get the answers. Listening to the soul will definitely wake you up from a sweet sleep, you might not like the journey, but in the end the victory will be yours.


There are two kinds of people exists in this world. One, who listens to their souls and make choices, be it right or wrong. Two, who follow what their mind says, they are afraid of making choices and choose a common path on which the whole world is running.


The First Category people, will definitely reach somewhere in life. It may not be full with money, but will definitely be filled with joy, happiness, sorrows and thrills. They are the best learners. Their brains, concepts and principles are always updated with the universe.


The Second Category people could be millionaires or holding good numbers of material things. For them, the visible things are real, life is a cut throat competition and if you get slow someone else would come and take your position. But in the end they will always find a vacuum which will make them realize that material acquisition was not everything because it never gave them happiness.

After experiencing the vacuum, they will also join the race with First Category people.

Everyone is on the same path only the difference is that the first category people will reach early and the second category people will take some time to realize the truth that, going in a secured way was a waste of time.

At this very moment most of us are at a place where we never wanted to be, doing things we never wanted to do, but we chose it, we chose “The Grind”. Our wrong choices took us to the Grind so that we could learn a few more things.

So wherever you are, whatever pains or sorrows you have, just believe in one thing either you have chosen it, or life wants you to learn some extra chapters. You are exactly where you are supposed to be.


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Published by Nishant Dutt