f you had the opportunity to do so, to ask God a question, what would that be? Lets say you where to ask Him what was on His mind, what was important for Him, what would you think would be His answer? 

Looking at the church today it is easy to get the impression His answer would be "I want you to feel good, to live the blessed life and to let all people know how much I love them". 
And then you have the evangelists who truly believe God would give this answer, so they venture out into the streets to do "power" evangelism. They pray for people, and they tell people Jesus loves them. But is this really what God would say according to the Bible?
The Bible says we are to fulfill the great commission but not through signs and wonders. We have been given the ministry of reconciliation says the Bible, we are to tell people everywhere now is the time to be reconciled to God. (2.Cor 5:19-21). If we had the opportunity to ask God what was on His mind, and what was important to Him, His answer would be: Tell people everywhere they need to be reconciled to Me, and I have given them Jesus as the only way. 
Signs and wonders comes with believing in the cross of Jesus Christ. (Mark 16:17) I myself have many spiritual gifts, among them the gift of healing. And I have seen many signs and wonders through the years. But I would be the first to admit people are not reconciled to God through signs and wonders. So if our focus for fulfilling the great commission is signs and wonders, then we have missed the point completely. People do not understand their need to be reconciled to God through signs and wonders. When people are faced with only signs and wonders they still believe everything is ok in their relationship with God. And if they continue to believe so, they will one day face God on judgement day and be sentenced to hell. But along side of them will be the one who was preaching only signs and wonders to them, the person who failed to do the great commission. (Matt 7:21-23)
So it is painfully obvious the church as a whole is way of course when it comes to fulfilling the great commission. 
The only way to understand the great commission and to fulfill it is to understand the cross and what happened when Jesus died for us. Jesus did not die for us to have a blessed life, He did not die for us to be happy. He died because we have sinned, He died because we have lied, stolen, hated, worshipped idols, committed adultery, disrespected our parents and broken the 10 commandments. He never did anything of these sins, but our sins was imputed to Him so that if we believe this to be true, His righteousness will be imputed to us and we will be forgiven. 
This is the way to fulfill the great commission, to tell everybody everywhere they have sinned against God and they need to be reconciled to God through faith in the sacrifice of Jesus. 
How to do this is something we will dig deeper into in the course I am opening next month on how to share your faith. 
But this is where it gets tricky in a way, because we are sorrounded by people who loves us and people who dont love us. People we like, and people we just do not like sometimes for now good reason. Being human it is natural to judge people "I like you, but I dont like you", but the great commission does not say we are only to preach to those we like. It says we are to preach to everybody everywhere. 
If you understand the cross and your own sin, it suddenly becomes very difficult to judge people and make judgments on who is worthy of your ministry to them. If you understand the cross and your own sin you do not longer see good or bad people in the world. You do not longer see people you like or dislike. You see somebody Jesus loves so much that He died for that person and told us to tell him or her they need to be reconciled to God. Suddenly you find yourself seeing the worth and value of each individual, and that makes it very difficult to hate or judge them because you know that you need the cross just as bad they do. 
But it goes even further then that. It prevents you from abusing another human being in any way, shape form or fashion. Take for instance porn, being a male I understand the allurement of porn, I understand how porn works and why so many are addicted to it. But it becomes impossible to look at porn if you understand the cross and your own sin. Because then you are no longer seeing a beautiful girl that turns you on, you see a human being, somebody Jesus values enough to die for. And you know that person desperatly needs Jesus, and you know you can tell that person about Him and their need to be reconciled to God. But you also know the fate of that person if she dies without being reconciled to God. 
It becomes impossible to have pleasure of porn when you know that person is a human being loved by Jesus, somebody He died for the way He died for you and loves you. 
It makes it impossible to cut somebody of in traffic or treat them badly in any way, because you know that person is valued, loved and appreciated by Jesus, He died for that person. 
We are all guilty of this in one way or the other, guilty of choosing our own needs, feelings and interests over what is truly important and at the same time degrading another human being by not telling them they need to be reconciled to God. 
Yes it is degrading to another human being when we neglect to tell them about the cross of Christ and their need to be reconciled to them. Remember, Jesus values every person on this earth so much that He suffered and died for us all. He was wiling to go through all of that so we could believe and be forgiven. 
When we choose not to tell another human being about their need to be reconciled to God we are degrading that person because we make the judgment they do not need to hear about what Jesus did for them. So when the church world decides to "win" the world through power, signs and wonders, they are in fact degrading the cross and the value of each and every individual they come in contact with. They are saying with their actions "we dont think this individual is worthy enough to be told they need to be reconciled to God" when Jesus and His blood testifies that person is so extremly valuable that He actually chose to die for him or her. 
Just turn on GOD TV or any other christian television and you will find conferences and preaching that is all about God as a healer, provider, deliverer and Gods love for people. But never ever about mans sinfulness, how much they need to be reconciled to God and how to do it. That is degrading to the cross, and degrading to each and every individual and we as christians owe the unsaved world an apology. We owe them an apology because we know what will happen to them if they die without trusting the blood of Jesus. We know the answer that they need to be reconciled to God. But instead we degrade them and we tell them we dont think they are worthy enough to be told how to save themself from the wrath to come and we present to them a different gospel, a gospel where people are slain in the spirit, where people laugh until they cant stop, where people bark like dogs or follow the purpose driven life. One day the church world will have to answer to God for their neglect to do what we where told. 
I wonder how Jesus feels about this. He values each and every individual on this earth so much that He chose to die for us all. He sees christians accepting Him, trusting in Him for their salvation, but neglecting to tell others about it. I remember when I was in heaven as a child, the only time I saw Jesus cry was the time when He told me about the fate of those who ended in hell and why they ended there. It brakes His heart to see people ending up in hell because we who are saved dont value them enough to tell them about the cross of Christ. 
But it is not only degrading to the cross and to other people choosing not to tell them about their need to be reconciled to God. You, yes you dear reader are degrading yourself when you choose to believe in any other way to victory and salvation then the cross. When you believe fasting, purpose driven life, tithing, bible reading, prayer, psychology or any other way is your road to victory you are degrading yourself and the cross. You dear reader are so much more valuable then you can ever imagine, Jesus thinks you are worthy to die for. 
So it is only in the cross we can see our own true value, and the value of other people. 
It is only in the cross we understand the importance of respecting and valuing other people. 
So the focus of the church world must become to tell the world their need to be reconciled to God, through faith in what Jesus did for us at the cross. Are we not to pray for the sick? 
Yes, we are to pray for the sick. And it is true, the Bible does say these signs shall follow those who believe in the cross. We are to pray and expect to see miracles, signs and wonders. But Romans 8:1-11 says the Holy Spirit will only fulfill our prayers when our faith is in the cross of Christ. And John 16:14 says the Holy Spirit will always glorify Jesus. You can never separate Jesus from the cross, so the Holy Spirits job is always to glorify what Jesus did for us at the cross. So there is no scriptural evidence the Holy Spirit can work, function or bless the prayers of an individual who is without faith in the cross of Jesus Christ. 
The question then is this, we have a lot of "preachers" who are preaching signs and wonders but they never ever mention the cross, sin, the blood of Jesus. They never glorify what Jesus did for us with their preaching. If you neglect the preaching of the cross, the blood and what Jesus did for us you are in fact preaching law and not grace. Preaching law and not grace frustrates the Holy Spirit. He does not leave the individual right away, and thank God for that because we are all guilty of sometimes preaching or believing law. But He is unable to function in the life of an individual who does not believe in or preach the cross and the blood. (Gal 2:21, Romans 8:1-11)
But we do see genuine healings and signs and wonders taking place in the life of these preachers. 
There is no scriptural evidence that guarantees the spirit behind those healings, signs and wonders is the Holy Spirit. But there is scriptural evidence that the devil will allow, and even back up healings, signs and wonders IF the cross and the blood is not preached. 
The devil has no problem with people being blessed as long as they are not reconciled to God.  And the devil knows the only way for us to be reconciled to God is through the preaching and teaching of the cross and the blood. (Romans 10:14)
So we do see that signs and wonders evangelism, or seekers sensitive preaching, church growth, purpose driven life and any other man made fads in the church today does not have the backing of the Holy Spirit. And then we must ask ourself, what kind of spirit is working through those preachers who never mentions the cross? It is painfully obvious it is not the Holy Spirit. So be careful and remember healings and miracles are not confined to christianity. Healings do happens in other demonic religions. 
So the sign to look for is always this: When we see signs, wonders and miracles we are always to look for the cross and the blood. Is the cross and the blood being preached at all? 
Yes it is true, these signs shall follow those who believe in the cross and the blood of Jesus. And we are supposed to pray for the sick and expect to see huge miracles. So signs and wonders are not unscriptural. But the signs and wonders must always point to the cross and the reconciliation to God through faith in the blood. So when we pray for a sick person we MUST value them enough to tell them that this healing happened because of the cross. And we MUST value them enough to tell them that now when they are healed, they MUST be reconciled to God through faith in the blood and the cross. When we pray for peoples needs to be met, or our own needs to be met, we MUST value them AND ourself enough to tell them and remind themself this was all dealt with at the cross of Jesus Christ. 
That is the true sign of true christianity, the cross and the blood. That is what separates us from any other demonic religion and that is what is truly life changing for this world, ourself and our society. To see our own value and the value of our fellow man in the cross of Christ. 
God bless dear reader, thank you for reading this. And remember to take the time to visit http://crossofchristlive.one to take advantage of one or more of the free offers my ministry has. The gospel is always free of charge for salvation and life in general. 

Published by Apostle Ernie apostleernie@outlook.com