1Peter “You Are NOT a Kingdom Beggar, You Are Rich!”

It always is a good reminder to remember that wherever God speaks He does so once or twice so “we get it.” Thus, the writers James and Peter are God’s spokespersons for the scattered saints who are facing trials.  These are the ones who heard the word of God, their hearts were pricked and they believed in the One whom God sent, His Beloved Son. He imparted salvation to them yet now they are facing trials of many kinds. James encouraged them to count each trial as joy because of the benefit of endurance that comes as result.  The Apostle Peter, on the other hand, reminds them of their position as chosen saints of God before he dialogs with them these same benefits.

We say that one is better able to face trials if you know the “why” or the “when.” It is a thus a comfort to know that God’s love was so great that in eternity past He chose or selected us to be His children and now He has allowed these trials to test our faith just as a smelter tests the gold until he can see his face in it.  Our faith is being tested until God can see the image of His Beloved Son in us.

It is a mysterious and wonderful thing that God has done for us.

They and you and I have been begotten through the resurrection power and granted His grace, mercy and an inheritance that glitters in the heavenly realm. It is brilliantly imperishable, undefiled and unfading.  It is reserved in heaven for you and that is why these trials can bring us great joy.

Both Peter and James tell us to look beyond where we are currently to the future which is full of living hope that will not disappoint. We are not kingdom beggars but rich beyond any earthly wealth we could accumulate! 

Published by Gaye Austin