It is not wrong to say that we live in the time where most of us treat 'teens' like idiots and they don't know anything about there life. We take decisions for them because we don't think that they are genius or smart enough to understand.

    When a teenager  want to say something about above there age like business, computer, finance and social life, We simply ignored them because they are just teenagers.

It is really true that we are adults and we know more than them and we can do anything because we are smart. Is it really happens, that a person who has an I.D Card is much intelligent and mature to the person who does not have any.

    Does you ever slept at the eve of your 19 birthday night and woke at 20 and you got infinity life experience. No, of course not, We ignore our young generation and does not motivates them. As a result they lose their right path.

    I am not saying that the teenagers should sit in the government or any organization. I am only saying that just give them courage and let them know that there decisions matter. Most of the teenagers are not capable of understanding bigger things but we can give them a chance especially who can understand.

  Notice by yourself when you go to the kinder garden or nursery  classes and just ask them a question and you will be shocked to see that mostly all of them raised there hands and just after that, come to the high school and ask them any question, most of them don't raise there hands even you ask them simple questions. The only reason is that they are afraid of wrong answer because we didn't developed confidence in them. And they don't know what they are capable of and can do something special. We ignored them, we made them dull like we are.

  Just give your kids, teenagers respect and courage and show them that there decisions does matter and you will see how they will succeed and move there lives to the bright side.

"I Believe that the society is know by how they treat there young ones"

                                                                                                                                                              Zain Javaid.

Published by Zain Javaid