Almost every time I am starting to write a post I don't know how to start. I mean, I have so many thoughts in my head, which is filled up from the bottom to the top, just don't know where exactly to start. There are times when I wish to start from the real end and just reverse everything. Or not start to think of it at all? What it's nice sometimes, but still, those are your thoughts and you are the one who is making you being you.

You are the music you listen to.
You are the movies you watch.
You are dreams you have.
You are the books you read.

In the meantime- You are the sound of the ocean, which you haven't heard for so so long, you are the gust of the fresh air that you inhale and exhale like you are breathing for the first time.
You are the brightest angle during the day and the darkest corner while you are walking in your town in those little hidden streets.

You are simply a collection of all those experience that you've lived through in your short life. I can tell that you are considered as every second in every day. Cover yourself up with all the knowledge and existence in your life.
Sometimes I tend to think that words are running in my veins aaaaall the way to my head, non stop, till they reach the final destination and there is no other way than explode and do their job. There is nothing left to do, just say it all to the world.

You are the people you meet.
I don't know, it is amazing and fascinating, both in one. I don't know if you are fan of a long structured talks or just those which are called "small talks". Well, if you wanna know- you can get to know so much from just a small talk things, sometimes even from just one sentence, because it can instantly change the view or the image you have about the people. Sometimes I think it's about the small words that can hurt your soul like a knife in your heart or make you fall in love with them maybe for forever. It might change a lot, they don't even have to know about it, but it still happens, you know.

One of the weirdest things ever at some point of your life is, when you stop talking to someone and you still have those left over information about them. Like for example, their siblings name, the song that you sang all over again together and you both considered them as you favorite, maybe a chocolate flavor, even their weird dreams after drinking too much wine last night. You were going through all happenings together for so long and now it's just gone. I don't know how about you, but for me, this is just weird.

But yea, that all happens, people burn bridges and simply leave and move on and some of them stay forever. Some people give you something and some of them nothing, for you to grow as a person.
And then there is a question hanging- »Are you able to differentiate?« 

I think there is no wrong answer.
Inspiration is everywhere.
Continue on this path.
Take it all in.

Nina ∞


Published by Nina S