Sometimes as we tumble about our lives, and as we become more connected with the rest of the world, we become less connected with ourselves. We lost touch with our personality and our character, our likes and dislikes, our thoughts and feelings and our even our identity of who we are as a person.

We adopt the personality of someone else, their habits, the way they speak, slowly, erasing ourselves just to fit in this world.

It is funny how in our teen years we tried so hard to want to fit it, to be part of the larger crowd, to talk about the same thing and have the same interests, we yearn to be more beautiful or handsome just to be accepted, we tried our very best to wear the best clothes and show off our best sneakers. We did whatever we could just to fit in. Unfortunately, some of us are still stuck in those teen years, waiting and hoping to be accepted by people that do not want to accept them.

Then why do we still try? Why do we still try our very best to replace who we are with someone else, someone, who is accepted but not appreciated, someone, who is liked but not loved, someone, who is them and not you?

Maybe society is at fault, trying to eliminate the outcasts because they don’t feel safe with people who are different. Maybe they just don’t like the surprises that come with a person of a unique personality, a person who embraces their individuality?


But remember, this is your life, not theirs. You do not need to live by society’s norms. You do not need to conform to the unspoken rules of your young adult crowd, conforming to their definition of beauty and style, their interests and trying to fit in.

The right people will find you, love you for who you are, and appreciate you for being yourself.

You will end up hating yourself if you continue to hide behind a mask.




Published by Mohamad Hakim