1Peter 1 “Great Joy!”

Only through Christ can you know great joy. It can be yours because as believers in Christ you have been rebirthed into a living hope through Christ’s resurrection. When you were rebirthed you placed a stake in the ground much like a cemetery marker which marked the death of a loved one. You buried your old life and stepped forth into your new life.  You once lived by the world’s standards but you put them to death.  You are now sanctified and justified by the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of the Living God.

In the Greek, the word joy [ag-al-lee-ah'-o] has the idea of intense spiritual joy that bubbles up to the surface. You now see life through an eternal lens. Unlike the world’s religions that place their hope and their eternal destiny in a balance scale of good and bad works, a Christ-believers was determined when Jesus Christ paid your certificate of debt on the cross. Your eternal destiny has been determined by faith alone, by grace alone. You can know that your Redeemer lives. He is not in a tomb where the flesh decays and the bones turn to dust. Your Redeemer revealed himself to the early apostles and more than 500 after his resurrection. You can know and trust that God keeps the feet of the godly ones and your steps are established by the Lord. Nothing comes your way but what has been filtered through the fingertips of the Almighty. You can have great joy because your reward is in heaven not here on the earth. The Almighty has already clothed you in robes of righteousness.  Therefore like Isaiah you can say “I will greatly rejoice in the Lord; I will be overjoyed because of my GodFor he clothes me in garments of deliverancehe puts on me a robe symbolizing vindication.” [Isa 61:10]

Do you have great joy this day?


Published by Gaye Austin