There is a long list of fashion "rules" that I used to follow. I never, ever wore black with navy, mixed metals in jewelry, or wore denim with denim. However since I've been getting really into fashion, and have been reading blogs and perusing Pinterest, I've realized that a lot of these rules aren't good rules at all. Today I am wearing denim on denim, which if done correctly can look very daring and stylish.

There are a lot of ways that you can stylishly wear denim on denim. The easiest way is to break this fashion rule is to wear two different washes of denim, such as white jeans with a dark denim jacket, or dark wash jeans with a light chambray top. For my outfit today I chose to wear almost the same wash for both top and bottom.

This outfit is part of my summer vacation capsule wardrobe. I chose this outfit because Little Man and I will be hanging out with our friend Kehlen, who is a paramedic here in Olympia. We went to the Children's Museum here in Olympia which is really cool.

Little Man is a huge fan of sand, so of course we had to spend some time in this area. They also had driftwood forts for kids to play in. Inside they had lots of really neat structures that really made good use of the vertical space in the building. Little Man's favorite was probably the big ship, which had lots of wheels, cool sounds, and flashing lights. A real toddler playground!

He also enjoyed all of the musical instruments, the toy trains, and ball tornado. Here he is with Kehlen!

Lots of people commented on his shoes today. They're really cute little claw shoes. I looked them up and they do come in adult sizes as well if you're interested!

Outfit Details

This outfit was perfect for running around the children's museum, and I felt like a real fashionista! One of the nice things about breaking a fashion rule is I think it makes you look instantly more stylish. What fashion rules do you like to break?

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