A refusal to eat halal meat isn't a defiance against animal cruelty but a war against multiculturalism entering society, which in turn creates even more prejudice and hatred against Islam. 

There's always an outrage when people find out that halal meat has somehow, deviously been snuck into our supermarkets and fast food shops, like it definitely isn't in writing on their websites. Many claiming that their inhumane and painful killing is needless and just cruel, but it really does seem very hypocritical to support one death of an animal over the other, if you really hate the thought of an animal being killed or distressed surely you should become a vegetarian or a vegan.

These people claim to be worried about animal welfare, but where were their cries for the helpless cows and lambs long before they were killed? This seems more like a defiant act against multiculturalism, and another example of how tabloid newspapers can brainwash people into uneducated assumptions.

In fact, halal meat in the UK is actually "pre-stunned" before it has its throat cut. So the horrible halal meat which has deceitfully made their way into people's houses against their will is actually no different or crueller than the meat probably deemed "humane."

It's important to educate people on this matter, we all know people aren't furious about halal meat, they are furious about a society in which new cultures are making their way into their lives. Animal welfare absolutely does matter, but so does religious freedom and the exclusion of minorities will not make the welfare of animals any better. You can judge people on how they treat animals, but take a look in the mirror at how you are treating other human beings. 



Published by Katie Anderton