It seems we are always waiting for life to happen, events, people, awakening, understanding. How many times have I spoken the words or heard the words, I will do it when. When I have the time, money, energy, space, when….when….when

We begin the waiting game about the time our living life begins and we fully able to choose life paths. But, i would venture a good guess that its not the when that matters so much. At the heart of ‘when’ is our fear. 

It is fear that keeps us waiting more so that the when, when you take pause to contemplate the true reasons we wait. We all tend to think inside our own box of realities based on what worked in the past or that which no longer works in the present. Mostly, what worked in the past.

waitWe repeat the way in which we problem solve our challenges, the way we view the world and people, the way in which we move forward into the future. Most of us who wait  for life to happen to us, are overjoyed when something really good occurs and devastated when life goes awry.

Why wait for life to happen to us when we possess so much drive and ambition to create the life we want? Why let all your fears prevent the wonderful from taking place? 

Fear is a product of our thoughts, thoughts that may not in fact be true. What we fear, in all likelihood, will never happen. Instead, imagine all the possibilities, beautiful opportunities and experiences waiting to be etched onto your soul.

waiting-2Waiting out of fear gives rise to conversations such as, if only, regrets for opportunities not taken or even explored, places never visited, people not seen, money not found, jobs not applied for, creative talents cast aside. Waiting, always waiting for the right time, place, person, opportunity.

Life lived is not long when you arrive at the third act of your life and wonder where exactly did time go. Time passes more quickly, the days shorter, health and mobility not what it once was. Why, oh why, did I wait. That fear now seems so insignificant. If only.

Published by Doreen Eshinali