You met Him 6 years ago. You were on the same class, same section. He was sitting beside the other transferees like him. The teacher asked all of you to introduce yourselves for it was your first meeting. It was already his turn and your attention had been caught at the moment he started to speak. He seems different with a warm great heart. That was the first time you felt curious about someone's life. He is intelligent, respectful, a little bit naughty, and nice. Who would not be attracted to his good looks? Who would not like him for who he really is? He's an ideal man for every girl's prospective. His personality is very truthful, genuine.

     You became friends and you've shared so many memorable things together. You feel butterflies whenever he's around you. It's safer when he's with you. Other girls in your class also admire him. He really is different from other guys out there. You both been part of the highest graded student in your class. All throughout your high school years, it was him whom you look for. Until, one day you told yourself to stop. Stop thinking of him for you do not want to ruin your friendship. Because, you feel that you are already falling for him. You fall to that man whom you think will never be yours.

     How is it possible to be loved by your close friend? How could you possibly hide all those what you really feel for him? That's why one day, you earned lot of courage just to tell him the truth. Even though he told you and your other friends that boys should be the one to make the first move, you still insisted. 

     "....Hi, can we talk?", you said. "Okay, What is it all about?", he answered. It took a minute longer for you to answer him back. It's really hard to admit what you really feel, especially that he is one of your closest friend. "Hey..", he said. "Hmmm.. it''s's all about me falling in love with you", hesitantly you answered. You both been into silence. Only the blows of the wind can be heard. 

     He was left in shock; you, too. You cried at home, until you feel better. You fell in love to that someone who's close to you; that someone who trusted you. What's wrong with falling in love? There is nothing. Maybe, it's just not the two of you who is destined to be. After that confession, everything between you became awkward. You do meet together with your other high school batch mates after a year, but still no sincere talks.  He doesn't talk to you the way he did before. Everything has changed and it rips your heart into pieces. What happened between the two of you was really heart breaking. You fell in love with a friend and now your heart is falling apart.

     Now, moving on is the only answer and acceptance is the key. Sometimes, your perspective doesn't connect with what's really going to happen. So that, let's not assume unless it's already stated. There are times that we need to feel rejection for it will make us improved more of ourselves. Rejection can do motivate and inspire us to do better. Maybe, it was not just the right time for the both you. No one can tell, maybe, one day you'll get surprised by him or by the right man who is really destined to be your partner for a lifetime.

Published by Lira Mae Centus