Look at you sitting there. Nervous,stressing. All these thoughts rushing through your mind. Why? I guess we both know because you realise how important this is for you,how much you need it,how much you have been waiting for this. All the stress,nerves,they ain’t going to help you. If anything,they will make it worse for you and make you feel sick,so..you might as well stop and relax. After all this time,this is it. There is no going back.There is no other option,this is it,right here,right now. No plan B. Might as well be your awesome self and make them love you. You got so much to show and give.What have you got to loose?Who cares what they will think?This means so much to you so do what you gotta do.

   Now,for just a minute,think. Think about what you have been through. What has brought you here and how much it means to you. This should add some fire to your heart and soul. Do you feel it burn?Ignite,start up something big and great inside you..Enough.Enough of all the stress and suffering and pain. This is the time to end it all. You know this can change so much and bring so many good things to you and those around you. Give them your all. Show them what you can do,let that fire in you burn bright!Give them your true self,show them all of you.There is so much to show too and you know it. So much you are capable of. Go for gold,push for it.Come and get what you deserve. Break those god damn doors down and get what you came here for. You got this!You deserve this,so what you waiting for. Give them all and take what should be yours. You got this!It’s time and you know it.It’s now or never,failure is not an option. Just be yourself,do your best and go get ‘em!

Published by Arthur Lepa