No one limits you but you!  And sometimes, you do a very good job of limiting your joy, your money, your happiness!  There can be a million reasons why, and they are not important.  What is important is that you begin to believe that the power is yours!  And every circumstance throughout your whole life has been guiding you truly in love and joy and happiness!  As a child, you were not aware of the power, but you learned early on that you had joy, your had happiness, you had the power.  It was the world around you that began limiting you and teaching you that you had to have limits.

Now it is up to you to take the power back.  You need to determine your joy, your happiness, and your power, and you have to relearn that putting yourself first is not being selfish.  It is the pursuit of your mission on this Earth–and we all have one–and it is up to you to find this to find your happiness.

So, jump into the middle of the lake, like a child.  Smile, like a child.  No matter what area of your life–money, health, love, and more–jump in and begin to know your power again…The world is waiting for YOU!

Published by Janice Marie