Hi world.


Today I am blogging with a lighthearted view in mind, this is meant to be a little but funny so please take the points with a pinch of salt, and a big thank you to my Insta tribe for helping me out with this one. 








1. You pray to the poo gods before weigh in. 

















2. Taking pictures of your food to post to Instagram becomes higher priority than eating it warm.

3. You're excited because you can do your shoes up without needing to yoga stretch first.

4. You take Tupperware full of healthy snacks everywhere with you.

5. Water is your best friend.

6. You are excited that your pee runs clear.



7. Your butt starts to fall in the toilet as you sit down.

8. Your clothes are too big but you're reluctant to buy more because you know they'll also end up being too big soon.

9. You eat fruit because you want to not because you're constipated

10. Extra easy means a meal plan, and not Sharon round the corner who's had more d*cks than hot dinners - **Sorry for the profanity but this one was too good not to share!!! Crying**



To be honest there was so much content for this blog I can and probably will do another one at some point, but that's it for today, I hope you found this as funny as we did coming up with them.


Toodles my loves.




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