"This little light of mine" ~~~~~

In midst of the entire hustle bustle in your life, almost every day one needs “something” to brighten up your day. This little light of mine is so bright that any possible down day becomes a bright day.

This light of mine is not a single “thing” (am I allowed to call a living creature a thing? J LOL), its two actually.. One I had before the other one and surprisingly(infact luckily), both are my true day makers.

Do you know what I am talking about? I’m talking my fur baby Pippa and my baby boy Tanay.. :) :) :)

image of baby and puppy

(image source: Google)

Some days are those days I would be switching between clean baby poop and/or puppy poop... But there are most of the days that would just go by cuddling each and/or both of them. Ah, they said, you never know what your life will be till you get a puppy home.. And they said, you never know what your life will be till you have a baby.. But no one ever said what will I know if I had both of them together... :)

It surely is fun, pleasure and (honestly) on few occasions pull-my-hair kind of thing.

But in all, if my babies could understand right now, i would definitely say this -


Published by Su Srikanth