How do you do it, darling? How do you keep on going despite it all? Because it’s not easy to give your entire heart to each passing day, even though you have lost precious people and moments, or been squeezed, or made to feel like you don’t count, when you really do. I’m just glad. I’m glad you find it in yourself: the resolve, the grit, the desperation, the belief to continue. Deep down you know that any other way just wouldn’t do it for you. You make me proud. Proud to be human. Proud to be one of you. Your fighting, beating, and ever-brightening heart is needed here more than you realise. Beat wild today, fight hard, chest out. You got this. Like you did yesterday and the day before that and that and that.


I dedicate this to my boyfriend, to whom I always been proud of. You have been a great warrior, love. You may not even realise how strong you are, but I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it through your eyes and deep into your soul. You’ve overcome so many challenges in life all by yourself. I know at times you get so tired of life, but always remember, you are NOT alone now. I am with you, we will walk this life together. You will NEVER be alone anymore. I will never stop reminding you how proud I am that you are still here, with me, breathing.

Published by Isis Grace