How often do we take time out to thank our mother? How often do we tell her that we are thankful to her for making us who we are today? How often do we think about the person who dedicated all her life in teaching us, mentoring us and being with us through all the thick and thin of life? This poem is very close to my heart and this poem is dedicated to the Angel whose debts on me can never be paid back.



For me you're just a friend,

You're the only friend i've got.

For me you're a good friend,

You're the only one who thinks for my good.

For me you're an investment,

You're the one who has always returned back to me.

For me you're a little less intelligent,

You're intelligent enough that u deserve everything.

For me you're picturesque,

You're the one whose eyes reminds me that u'll stand by my side.

For me you're a magician

Whenever you touch me, I believe that you'l catch me whenever I fall.

For me you're priceless,

You're something to be to be valued indefinitely.

For me you're a princess,

You're someone whom I never want to lose.

For me you mean the world.

You're the only one who is everything to me.

For me you're my best friend.

You're the bestest part of my life.

For me you're important,

You're the reason why I'm able to do everything gracefully

For me you're a smiling doll,

You're the one who reminds me to smile in every part of life.

For me you're the richest,

You're someone whose debts I'll never be able to repay back!

You cared for me, understood me, helped me every time and everywhere.

Whenever I went through a bad phase,

My mother, you were always there to my rescue.

You brought me to this world,

I can never repay you back.

For me you're my love.

I mean everything that I say coz you simply mean a lot to me!

This poem is from my heart mother,

For your heart.

Your smile is like a new day..

It shines like a candle glows,

Your eyes are full of magic,

They're mesmerising.

I may not ever tell you,

Or may even fail to make you feel,

Just what you totally mean to me.

This poem shall never end,

For deep inside my heart, I know,

Our bond will never end.

Our love is always here to stay!

Published by Pravesh Mull