This morning I came across one of those Facebook posts that usually entail a sweet story that makes you feel bad about the way you are currently going about your life and makes you want to be a better person. The story was about a man who performed a "random act of kindness" despite the fact that he was going to be late to a job interview. Later in the story it ends up being that the other man of whom he had helped was the person that was running the interviews that he was supposed to attend. Long story short he got the job on a whim of pure trustworthiness and kindness from the hiring manager who he had helped with no expectations... "reap what you sow" being the main point of the story. Very heart warming.

I go to San Diego State University and the environment is somewhat shocking to say the least; there is a lack of compassion, loyalty, kindness, and good intention (DISCLAIMER: it really is not SUPER terrible... these negativities are just prevalent at the surface, is all). HOWEVER, the other day someone proved me wrong. We have a large bridge that connects the residence halls to the main point of campus, its shaped in the way of a hill. An injured young man in a wheelchair was trying to wheel across the bridge and was having an extreme difficulty trying to overcome the steep grade of the hill and at times was beginning to roll backwards while the bridge was packed full of students hustling and bustling throughout their day (Let me reiterate- THEIR day. They pay no mind to the young man struggling. Their day is more important of course). On my way over to give a hand, another young man takes hold of his chair and helps him across the bridge; he takes his act of kindness further to even chat it up with the wheelchair lad who he had informed was a freshman and on his way to his dorm. The knight in shining armor began giving him all this advice and reassurance about SDSU and freshman year and I have never seen such a touching moment like that on campus. This event showed me that true compassion will aways prevail and make a difference because not only was the freshman thankful (as I'm sure he was) but I was thankful to know that good will always shine through and that even the smallest deeds can help to make a difference and offset some negativities of the world today. 

In tribute, I just want to remind any one out there to do good and to be good, even if you think no one is watching or that no one cares or that no one would do the same for you... GOOD WILL NEVER GO UNNOTICED- some days it may take some time for good to be recognized, but it will never go without notice at some point down the line. Doing good for others is in its own way doing good for yourself, remember that you do in fact reap what you sow...


Published by Marisa Costales