Today I want to talk about a huge issue I have seen a lot lately. Women being insecure is becoming more common everyday. The world we live in today puts out this ideal that in order to be beautiful you have to have a certain hair, makeup and body type. They have taken away self worth to so many young girls and women by criticizing and downgrading women of any other kind besides this perfect image they have created. If you are not a size 0 with perfect hair, perfect makeup and plastic surgery then well your not beautiful! That is Absurd and I refuse to sit here and take away from young girls the gift of being a beautiful young girl the way God created them. Girls start at such an early age now buying makeup, trying to diet and make themselves something they aren't. What happen to the little girls who didn't care what they looked like? The little girls who chased frogs and played house with their best friends? Why do young girls look and dress like they are in their twenties when they haven't even made it to high school?

Because Society makes them believe it's that or your ugly!! 

I say THAT is Ugly! I say God created us the way we are for a reason. Every body type, hair style, scar, birth mark and any other feature that makes you who you are should not be hidden or scraped away for what this world thinks every woman should be. That is why young girls have eating disorders, depression and consider self harm because they don't feel they are beautiful the way they are. Don't try to be these grown women who are covered in make up and plastic surgery and get photo-shopped.

We should be portraying articles, magazines, news and movies on things that better ourselves. We don't need to be a country that destructs and breaks down itself and the people in it. Instead of who is the worst dressed, who is getting divorced and who has gained weight in the newspapers, magazines and news why not something uplifting. With people defeating cancer everyday, doctors saving lives, people accomplishing amazing things and we focus on what goes wrong. If we put half the energy we did in to tearing people down into building people up our world would change. 

One of my favorite women in history was not what society wanted her to be. She was known for her beauty the way she was, she was herself and to some people she may have been to much but, at least she was herself. Marilyn Monroe was an amazing woman. Lets focus on things that encourage and build up our younger generation to become even better than the way our world is today. The percentage of women with serious insecurities has sky rocketed in the past couple years. If you want to get in to shape or stay healthy that is one thing. Just don't change the way you are for someone else. If you ever change who you are it should be for you only.

To the young girls who haven't even made it to high school yet worried about makeup and dieting. Don't!  Right now it seems like you can't wait to be grown but one day you will have wished you stayed young while you could. If your friends tell you your not beautiful the way you are then they aren't your true friends anyways. The people who truly love you will build you up and love you for who you are. 

To the girls in high school who feel as though they should dress like grown women. Don't! The boys who think you should dress like that have one agenda. There are boys who think you are beautiful in your ball uniform, no make up and sweats. I promise those are the good guys! You don't have to dress inappropriately to get the right attention you just have to be you. 

For the women who have weight issues love yourself the way you are don't change your body because someone else thinks you should. Your body is beautiful the way it is and unless you want something different then don't be something your not. Life is to short to make yourself unhappy for someone else. 

For the women who have had babies who just can't get their body back or have stretch marks. You created a life with your body, your body has stretched and housed one of gods greatest creations. Don't beat yourself up for a natural change, your body just created a human being for crying out loud any man or woman who downgrades that needs to talk to their momma! It is an amazing thing, one look at your baby should give you the reminder that you are a strong amazing and beautiful woman and at the end of the day no matter what your baby thinks so.

To women who have birth marks, scars, stretch marks, burns and any other unique part to your body don't hide it. You are different and unique and you have a canvas that shows your story that is beyond amazing.  They are apart of who you are embrace it and be an inspiration for young girls who are insecure about it. 

Ladies you are Beautiful in every single way. We can change our world today and everyday by not falling to what society wants us to  be. Be strong, beautiful, intelligent, fearless and so many life changing things as the person you are!

Be different! Be THE DIFFERENCE for the present and the future. Show young girls to take a stand and not care what people think. We are all gods children and he created every person different not for us to form into the same but to make a statement as we are. Love yourself because you are exactly what you need to be, perfect in your own way! I leave you with a quote....

"Why are you trying so hard to fit in when your born to stand out?"- Ian Wallace.


Published by Danielle Holder