This is your curse.
When you have finally realized 
I was the one for you,
I was already gone.
You will search for me 
In places you thought
I would be
Yet you won't find me.
You will look for me
in every girl you meet
But won't find me in them.
Not even a single strand of their hair
Will remind you of me.
It will be the wind
that kisses your cheeks,
The warmth of sunshine
that touches your skin
The sound of rain you hear
The aroma of old books and coffee
you smell
That will linger in your thoughts.
You will think of me 
In every moment you open your eyes
To the last second you close them.
Yet I still won't be there.
You will wonder how I've been
Or where I could be
Or what I have become.
But no answers will come.
This is what I have left you
When you broke my heart
The haunting memory of me.

Published by Mariestel Correlo