“My eyes were closed, they're open now” 

There is always a tendency of mine to over-think things. I don't know why, I just sit down and think about things you would say are maybe a waste of time or whatever. Still going over and over like its some disease and not very paying attention to the world. 

I just sat down in the kitchen while watching some series with my friend and we were looking outside of the window and I took that picture of her eye. I was thinking about the human tendency of not looking each other in the eyes anymore. I saw it for example in my case, I don't really like to look in other peoples eyes, mostly the new people around me, it makes me feel uncomfortable. Maybe it is because of my weirdness or maybe it's because I am different now. After some time, sure, it is better, but still.
You can see it in peoples eyes, even more when you have the ability to see "under the mask", like I do, in some cases, how are they feeling, some of their struggles...etc etc. I can't really explain it because it is a part of my life and I am sure that a part of other peoples lives indeed too.

And then it hit me. The thing that is so obvious and still here no matter what. 
A human being is not picking his/hers "life path". It doesn't mean, when the person can't really name the problem, that it can't be solved. It all depends on the inside strenght and bravery of the particular one, the time when he/she is resisting the real storm in life. Some people give in earlier and after that they are regretting the lack of strenght. They hate themselves because of the weakness, they couldn't make it till the end. Other people, even thought they have broken legs, stand up and continue their journey, with a consciousness that exactly the fall proves, that we are going forward.

And maybe this is why people don't like to look each other deeply in the eyes, because they are scared that the person might see a little piece of it in their tired eyes and start asking questions. I don't know how about you, but I don't like questions...



Published by Nina S