We serve a most magnificent God, who displays a glimpse of His glory and majesty in the universe. Our solar system represents the power God has. It represents how big He is, the universe never ceases to expand, so what does that say about our God? It says that He is never ending, that He is eternal,that He is everlasting. It fills my heart with joy to know that I serve an everlasting powerful God. My spirit can rest because I know all is well because my God the only God, who created the world has the final say on what goes on in it. My worries and insecurities are minuscule (for lack of a better word) in comparison to His majestic, awe inspiring, overwhelming, eternal glory. Thank You God simply for being who you are. Thank You God for having the attributes that You have. I thank You because you are perfection and yet You will stoop as low as You do in order to love me. Who am I compared to the great I Am? My Lord my God Your glory is so beautiful!!!

Published by Julian Chambers