Contouring has taken the makeup world by storm in the past couple of years. When done correctly, it can magically enhance your best features and also elevate the ones you’re not so proud of. Being a cosmetic staple today, no woman should be left behind in the race to nail the sculpted look. So here’s a definitive guide to contouring, with tips and tricks to help you along every small step:

1. Using the Right Shade is key

The texture and shade you use to contour can make or break your look. Ideally, you shouldn’t use a shade which is more than two shades deeper than your skin tone. Darker skin tones should go for warm colours while relatively light complexion is best matched with grayish browns and taupes.


A powder contour is perfect for a polished and sophisticated look.  The Flawless Touch Contour and Highlighting Kit by ColorBar comes in a neutral shade, ideal for all Indian skin tones. Use it to reshape or define features such as your forehead, chin, nose and cheekbones. To get the shadow effect, use and blend dark shades. One important trick you can use is to apply translucent powder before you apply colour. This ensures that the contour doesn’t stick to the natural oils secreted by your skin.

The best thing about the Flawless Touch Kit is that it comes with a contour powder plus highlighter - a shadowing powder and also a glowing luminizer for a flawless, naturally contoured appearance. Use it to highlight, contour and add dimension to your features, and create a gorgeous well-defined look.

2. Less Is Always More

One of the biggest mistakes even the best of us end up making is to contour the entire face. There is no need to do so; little contouring is more than enough. Emphasize the nose, cheeks, forehead and jawline. Use the Flawless Touch Contour And Highlighting Kit to contour your cheek hollows. Begin from your ear towards the corner of your mouth, followed by shading other features that you feel fit – you could define your forehead by contouring along your temples and hairline, or you could give your jawline a more sculpted feel by buffing under the chin. You could also make your nose appear slimmer by blending soft parallel lines on its each side.

3. Dodge Contour Products With Shimmer

The point of contouring is to add depth and structure to your face. However, this effort can be totally nullified if you use contour products that have their own shimmer. Anything that shimmers will reflect light and this is basically the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve with contouring. For shimmer, try the Diamond Shine, counted among one of the best ColorBar lipsticks to add an illuminating touch to your makeup. It is a high-shine lipstick with a super creamy texture and amazing pigmentation that is bound to elevate your look.

4. Add a make-up stick to your vanity


A make up stick can be your knight in shining armor. Premier make up sticks like the Full Cover Makeup Stick by ColorBar has dual benefits – that of a concealer as well as foundation. It has a creamy, lightweight texture with medium coverage that will conceal your blemishes, dark circles and also even out your skin tone. This super effective makeup stick contains a highly concentrated emollient-based foundation; just a tiny amount will be enough to provide complete coverage and even out your skin tone.

5. Balance, balance, balance!

The secret to achieving the perfect contoured look is to balance out the contour with highlighter and blush. Make sure your highlighter is the same texture as your contour (liquid, powder or cream). Also, don’t forget your eyes and lips. For a subtle look, enhance the natural contours of your eyes in a fashion similar to how you contour your cheeks. Pay special attention to the crease. Elevate this natural look with the ColorBar Peach Lipstick boasting of a 2 in 1 formula to give the lips a creamy yet matte finish.

So, now that your definitive guide to contouring is set, create the perfect sculpted look and don’t forget to have some fun while you’re at it.


Published by Sumity Paul