Heading to Oktoberfest this September or next year? This post will help you make the most of this amazing festival – let’s get into the details below...

1) Book your flights and accommodations well in advance

As one of the most (if not THE most) popular fall festivals in Europe, those attending Oktoberfest have found that waiting until the last minute to book plane tickets and hotel rooms is a recipe for disappointment.

People from all over the world attend this celebration, so it’s important to be on top of your trip planning if you hope to get the best prices and places to stay. If you want to avoid running into problems, book your flights at least two months out (some report getting excellent prices in the spring).

When you do this, lock up your room as well to get all your plans set at once, and this potential headache will be cleared up before it has a chance to become a lot worse.

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2) Plan on getting started early

Want to secure a table at Oktoberfest? Get ready to set your alarm for an ungodly hour – again, thanks to the immense popularity of this beer festival among people from all over the world, lines begin forming outside the main tents as early as 7 am.

This may prove difficult as the festival goes by, as long nights and morning hangovers make getting up early in the morning a serious challenge. Look at it this way, though – attending an event like this is often a once in a lifetime experience – you can sleep when you’re dead.

3) Attend during the week

If the idea of getting up and standing in line for 7 am is a non-starter for you, there is a way to make things a bit easier – attend during the work week. This will reduce the crowds somewhat, as Germans from across the country will be back at their jobs after travelling to Munich on the weekend for the festival.

4) Eat as you drink (and consume lots of water)

As fun as drinking tonnes of beer can be, blacking out isn’t – you remember nothing and it turns your friends into caretakers when they should be having fun.

As you quaff ales, drink water along with it, and eat sizable meals that will slow the absorption of alcohol into your system. This will keep you in good shape throughout the day, and lessen the inevitable hangover the following day.

Published by Muhammad Umer