Everything we type, we post, we share are recorded. This blog post is recorded, that video on Youtube that you will be watching is saved, that article or that thought that you shared on Facebook is immortalised.

It is fascinating — and scary — to know that everything we do online now is recorded and saved in some database somewhere. Even though we might delete it, a part of it will still be on some server somewhere. Nothing can ever be completely erased once it is up on the Internet.

The thing about this that pretty much fascinates me is that even if we die, an essence of our thoughts is immortalised. The things that we do, the discussions that we have, the posts that we write, all immortalised online for everyone to see. It is fascinating that the only thing left of us when we die is the digital footprint that we leave behind. Unfortunately, this includes the dumb things that we had said and the stupid and embarrassing things that we did.

So, maybe we should really think about the things that we are putting up online. The digital imprint that you leave behind might be your only legacy and I’m sure that you do not want to be remembered as the person who did something stupid and let others see.


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Published by Mohamad Hakim