Fall in love with the body
I dress in black silk,
you will reach your wonderland.

It has been abandoned,
Alice forgot to leave the door locked.
I am a shell of a once wondrous face.

Fall in love with the red hair,
I colored to match the red river
flowing inside my veins.

In time, it will reveal its true colors;
there is darkness
underneath the burning coals.

Fall in love with the tainted lips
I paint with my sins,
you reach my secret room underneath the staircase.

And yet, every night I forgive myself.
The velvet gets smeared away by water
revealing the cracks buried by glamour.

Measure me by the weighing scale.
Weigh the things I go by in the light of the day,
When the night comes, all will have changed.

There is a well where you can dig deeper.
Hidden by thorny vines,
the torture devices I concocted with my mind.

You will find me at the bottom,
undressed, yet proud.
For I have burrowed further into my solace.

Sleeping between the cracks of my lips,
and the scars on my skin,
I await the call.

I long for a love
that is not skin deep,
that offer soul songs by the heap.

So take your pick.
You can hug the shell.
But you reap what you sow.

Fall in love with the body,
with the hair,
with the lips.

You would reach your wonderland.
But it is not a glorious base –
I have found another hiding place.

Published by Nessie Quiambao