Selecting the Perfect Dog Food has become a difficult task. Especially when in you have a lot of Profit-driven Merchants or Sellers Makes/ Sells such a low-Quality Dog Food which is Nothing More than a Bag of Garbage. Lots of People Ask which Food Brand they should give to their Dogs.

Lots of Pet Shops owners and even Veterinarians have been seen selling products which either give them high Profit or products from companies who sponsor them.

Here are some products and something about them which can help you choose for your loving Furry Friend. Dry Food is also taken into Consideration. Below are the categories on how these choices.

The methodology of Choosing Ideal Dog Food :

1.Ingredients and Digestibility: 50%

2.Visible Results [ Health,Hair, Stool, etc] : 20%

3.Complains encountered all over Country: 10%

4.PetHome’s Analysed Results: 20%

1. Pedigree [ Not Recommended at all ]

When it comes to notoriety, Pedigree has the same sales position in the Dog food  Industry like what Maggi has in Noodles or Colgate in Toothpaste. This brand of dog food has corn, gluten meal, chicken or meat byproducts, meat, and bone meal.

 Corn and gluten meal are just cheap fillers and many dogs are allergic to it. Byproducts and bone meal are derived from the leftovers of carcasses which includes bones, eyes, beaks, feet, nails, and feathers of animals. There is no specified meat in any formula. Pedigree is full of Trash Dog Food.

2. Eukanuba  [ Fine ]

Eukanuba has fresh meat as its first ingredient which is a palatable and good source of protein but it reduces to 1/4th of its original proportion after cooking. Most of the protein in Eukanuba foods is derived from corn, rice, and byproducts which is less digestible. this brand of dog food is suitable only for a few Breeds and at a Proper Age.

 Due to its complicated composition, Eukanuba is not for first-time pet owners as they might put the lives of their pets when they feed them this type of dog food.

3. Royal Canin OK ]

Rice is the main ingredient in all formulas which is ok. Followed by poultry protein which according to AFFCO, is derived from clean slaughtered meat. RC ensures a quality of its ingredients and has age-specific formulas. But Age Specific Formula seems more of a Marketing Strategy rather than a huge Difference. There are a lot of grains and a lot of protein that come from vegetable protein isolates which do not break down easily in canine's body. Royal Canin or RC is the most Overrated Dog Food on the market. Moreover, RC started using Chicken By-Products rather than using organic Chicken which again Lowered its Quality and Reputation.

5. Orijen [ Most Recommended ]

Undoubtedly the Best Dog Food available in India. 85% Non-Vegan, chicken, free run duck, turkey, fish and all other quality ingredients all in one bag. Orijen is made by Champion Petfoods, Canada. Its " 100% Grain Free, and a biologically Appropriate Dog Food." It's also available as Orijen Puppy Large Breed Dog Food, Orijen Six Fish Dog Food, Orijen Original Dog Food, Orijen Senior Dog Food, and Orijen Puppy Food. As per Orijen is a 5 & 6 Star Dog Food. You can buy Orijen products Online in India.

6. Acana  [ Highly Recommended ]

It is also Grain Free, Biologically Appropriate Dog Food.  It is available as Heritage and Classic Dog Foods like Acana Light and Fit Dog Food, Acana Grass Fed lamb Dog Food, Acana Prairie Poultry, Acana Cobb Chicken, and Greens.

7. Farmina's Cibau  [ Fine ]

Being an Italian brand, it has the most percentage of almost all ingredients written on the label. With 40% grains and 50% of meat, it is a Good dog food. Again just like RC good quality of ingredients is ensured by the company.  

8. Farmina N & D low grain/No Grain  [ Fine ]

Being Italian branded, an exact percentage of ingredients are specified. It only has 20% oats and splits combined which are healthy substitutes for rice and corn. These are also easy to digest. Rich in fresh chicken(Fish n Lamb in few versions), it has more than 60% of meat making it a good choice so far.

Contains Omega-3,6 and 9 essential fatty acids, Improves hair coat, Manages weight of Dog, Glucosamine and Chondrium Sulphate for Joint Care.

Contains Blend of fruits (10-15%) like Blueberry, Orange, Pomegranate, Blackcurrant, Apple, Blackberry and lots more

9.Drools [ Not Recommended at all ]

Similar to Pedigree it has fresh meat on ingredient list which reduces to 1/4th of its original size after cooking. Rest there are grains, unnamed meat, and byproducts etc. which are not very healthy.

10.Taste of Wild [ Highly Recommended ]

It has unique duck meat and various fish meats as well. Very high in % of meat. But recently it has been recalled a few times as some of their bags were contaminated with salmonella. It's not available in India now. 


Its label ensures minimum 30% meat meal. But still, it has lots of fillers. Tough being named science plan it's not scientific enough to be recommended here. Bit of meat and rest of grains thus it is not a good formula but it's not bad either.

12. Farmina's Team Breeder [ NOT BAD BUT NOT GOOD ENOUGH AS WELL ]

Similar to science plan it has chicken meat meal but still is filled with a lot of grains. But the Price Justifies a little with the offered quality.

13.Nutra Nuggets [ Neutral ]

An American dog food brand with AFFCO certification, suggests that it's not a bad food. But it has a little meat and a whole lot of grains and thus I won't say it is a good food either. Tough ingredients quality is assured by AFFCO.

14.Nutra Gold [ Fine ]

This is also certified by AFFCO. It has high quality and quantity of turkey, chicken, and other premium quality meats. But it also has high quantities of grain as well. Its adult formula is really good whereas puppy one is slightly inferior.

15. Monge  [ Good ]

Its 100% Natural Dog food Version:  is good although lacks some nutrients.

Tuna and Riso: Its good by Ingredients but has v. Poor Palatability, we have seen only very few Dogs accept its Taste Special Dog: Above Average Dog Food, moves near to Royal Canin with fillers. The price band is affordable.

16.CP, Simple Dog, Fun Dog [ NOT AT ALL RECOMMENDED ]

CP(recommended by many people nowadays), simple dog, and fun dog are other supermarket brands which are again full of grains and byproducts, not even a single good ingredient.

17.Solid Gold  [ Good ]

It’s also a Reputed Brand with a fine ratio of Nutrients. But has very interrupted supply/availability, Normally found old stock as a regular failure in India Import tests, Recently Recalled Back owing to some viral flu infections doubt. Not available in India now.

 Hope it will Help You in your Selection of Dog Food for your Love.

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Published by Zachary McGavin