Vacuum pumps work in two ways: removing gas and creating a vacuum and moving water from one place to the another. You can buy a vacuum pump to use on your car or even in your basement to rid it of water. It might be better, in the long run, to redo your basement if it is prone to flooding, but in the meantime, here’s a solution! The vacuum pump!

Vacuum pump on your car

Having a vacuum pump for your car might be a better investment than you think. You can use it to suck up air from the engine, thereby reducing pressure. Pressure builds up from combustion gases that move past the piston rings and end up in the pan. You might need to consider having one in your car.

When you think about purchasing vacuum pumps at Provac, for example, have in mind what you want the pump for and how appropriate a particular pump is for what you envision. Also, inquire about the different kinds of pumps available in the store and their applications to find your perfect fit.

The two-stage vacuum pump

What is it?

  1. It is a rotary vane pump.
  2. It comes in either 1 or 2 stage make.
  3. The two-stage goes down below one micron. 001 mercury vacuum.
  4. The one stage is less than 15 micron.015 mercury vacuum

High vacuum

You have probably come across UVH, in your search for a good vacuum pump. UVH stands for Ultra High Vacuum.

  • UVH vacuums come about when gas is pumped out of a UVH chamber.
  • At low pressure, the average speed of one gas molecule is at least 40 kilometres.
  • The molecules will bounce off the chamber walls as they make their progress quite a number of times before they knock into each other. They do not make very many friends inside those chambers obviously. All that knocking about cannot be good for amity.

The best oil to use in a vacuum pump

Since you have bought a vacuum pump, you need to be able to take care of it. You cannot leave it lying around unclean and unoiled. It will not give you the desired service for your estimated length of time.

It is very important to know the best lubricant for your new acquisition. Experts recommend that you buy a mineral oil. Most mineral oils have undergone intense distillation processes that drastically reduce vapour pressure. Lubricating your pump with good quality oil will give it a better chance of staying in a good condition.

Deep vacuums

Those well versed in matters to do with vacuums will tell you that evacuation is complete when a system lands at 500 microns. A deep vacuum can indicate for sure if a system is completely evacuated.

Knowledge of your newest acquisitions and how to ensure they give you the service for which you bought them is vital. Therefore, when you go to check outvacuum pumps at Prozac or any other stockist, you should also ask about the recommended oil and any other questions concerning use and maintenance.

Published by Harris Scott