Time sure passes fast and we particularly feel this upon reaching a certain time or should I just say it out, age, in life. You think the same too? I’ve never made a big fuss over my birthday; it has always been a number to me.  Young or older, people can be become friendly acquaintances, even friends. Here’s what’s funny, even though I say I never made a big fuss over it, I have thought of, like who might I invite if I were to celebrate. There are just very few on my list. And I asked myself, “Why do I only have a few on the list?”.  I have been living for decades, surely there are more.

Then, I realized that I had many circle of friends once upon a time. Somehow, the circles are scattered here and there. Some broken, some have migrated to other circles, some have evolved in their own circles. Maybe I was somehow left behind. Or… maybe I chose to go my own way.  Maybe I didn’t try hard enough to keep in touch. Don’t this make you feel lost sometimes? The distance memories – people, places, things.  Sometimes, you think you belong to a certain place but not exactly. There’s just something, somewhere deep behind that’s shouting out to you – like “you’re so “sparsed” whatever that means. There’s like a hole somewhere ‘within’ your being. Could this be a syndrome of some sort? Probably having lived elsewhere or lived in different cities/areas causes this?

Published by Monika