Eating disorders like bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating, along with compulsive overeating, are some of the concern parents with teens try to avoid as much as possible. Eating disorders are extremely harmful and damage the brain, bones, heart, kidneys, and liver.

What are eating disorders exactly?

Why do these disorders occur? Parents need to know that these disorders are not a choice. Although, there is no specific age period for these disorders to occur, eating disorders are rather common amongst teenagers.  These are rather complex medical and psychiatric illnesses which the patients do not choose themselves. Eating disorders like are triggered by a number of genetic, biological, environmental, and most importantly due to social elements. It is a general belief that that eating disorders occur because of the biological, social and behavioral factors like genetics, teasing, peer pressure, etc.

Some of these signs can help in identifying eating disorder in a teenager:

  • Fear of becoming fat
  • Calorie counting
  • Binge eating
  • Eating secretly
  • Purging
  • Food phobias or avoiding food
  • Preoccupation with food

Why Teenagers?

The several decades of genetic research have revealed that biological factors tend to be an important influence when someone develops an eating disorder like Ashley graham weight loss so use boiled egg diet. The increased attention on childhood obesity has led to negative impacts on our youth. A large number of teenagers with eating disorders have reported that the beginning of their eating disorder began when peers teased or commented about their appearance.

The thin body ideal that is promoted by the media happens to be the perfect example of an environmental factor that increases the risk of developing an eating disorder. Both cultural and societal pressures have quite an impact on young people’s mind. Television programs, magazines, and social media are major examples of these pressures. Acknowledging and understanding the influences of these mediums on our teenagers is one of the steps in knowing and understanding why certain kids, especially girls, are susceptible to developing eating disorders.

Technology has seeped into every aspect of our lives and with that, bullying is taken one step further as well. It is one of the main reasons for teenagers, who are insecure or made to feel insecure about their body, to develop an eating disorder. These instances of being ridiculed, shamed or made fun of because of the body size or appearance happen to be a powerful catalyst for developing disorder in a teenager. Parents need to take bullying concerns seriously. Online or cyberbullying has become rather common and a large number of teenagers suffer body-shaming over the internet. Getting body-shamed for being a certain size or looking a certain way on the internet in front of hundreds of people can have lasting impacts on the teen’s lives and timely intervention with the help of mobile spying app can save the child from suffering.

If you have noticed some of the aforementioned warning signs and fear that your teen may be suffering from an eating disorder because of getting bullied online, it’s time to step up your game and closely monitor your teens. Getting your hands on the best mobile tracking app to monitor your children could have great benefits.

Technology could help in the diagnosis of eating disorders

Teens with an eating disorder do not necessarily look malnourished. They might carry a ‘normal weight,’ therefore, it is not that easy to identify a teenager with an eating disorder. Even then, teens while seemingly having normal weights can be malnourished.

The earlier these eating disorders are diagnosed and then treated, the more likely is the possibility of complete recovery. As stated earlier, sometimes the diagnosis is difficult, as at the surface, everything seems normal. A number of teenagers go undiagnosed and are unable to receive treatment until their disorder has reached an advanced stage. Parents can play an important role in keeping these disorders from happening by keeping a close watch on their children and making sure that they are comfortable in their own skin. Parents should pay attention to the kind of activities their children are involved on the internet, the groups they have joined, and the kind of conversations they have with people online.

Nowadays, a teen’s smartphone serves as their personal diary and parents can monitor their children to keep them safe. Xnspy is an effective and efficient mobile spying app that allows parents to keep a check on their child’s online and offline activities. Bullying is a hurting and traumatic experience and teenage is the phase where one finds it hard to deal with the different physical and psychological changes. Kids are growing but still not mature enough to take a decision and need their parents help and support. Unfortunately, in some of the incidents, parents got to know about their child getting bullied or body-shamed until it was too late.

To know about what is going on in your child’s digital life, whether he is indulging in safe and responsible internet behavior or is getting teased or bullied, Xnspy serves as one of the best mobile tracking apps. It allows parents to monitor their child’s text messages, calls, social media activity as well as the places he is visiting. The app simply needs to be installed on the teen’s phone and parents can monitor their teen’s cell phone activity from anywhere. Using effective monitoring technology in the form of Xnspy assists the parents in staying informed and lets them take a timely decision to prevent any mishap. Because after all, knowing is safer and better.

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Published by Asheer Raza