We’ve all heard of YouTube – the platform for streaming videos and entertaining content. Besides just that, many companies and individuals, too, use it as a way to promote themselves, what they sell and present what they have to the world. In fact, as the site’s popularity grows, more and more invest in creating videos and YouTube marketing.

Simply put, everybody’s on YouTube, so if there’s one thing that will drive your success, it’s video content. However, it may be hard at first to get many subscribers and views. Some techniques to better that situation include putting your videos on your social media profiles or on your blog, collaborating with others, emailing, engaging with the ones who have watched your video and more.

There are also some YouTube video marketing sites that may prove to be effective. So, let’s take a look at them!

The List of Top 4 YouTube Video Marketing Sites

1) YouTube

Without heading to other websites, you can start marketing your YouTube videos precisely on YouTube. Since it was founded in 2005, the site has completely evolved and now displays sections about what’s trending, what is recommended for you, and many other options. To market videos, note that SEO can help you with thatamongother things. That means that your title and captions should be captivating and should consist of certain keywords which people search and are connected to the video, itself.

2) Vidorange


Vidorange offers a paid YouTube marketing campaign that is completely legal. It all starts with the person, who is interested in the services, signing up. Promotion campaigns, in general, are effective when the video has a target audience. So, this is also very important to this YouTube marketing website. For all the details you can check their website or their FAQ page.

3) Fiverr

On this freelancing site, you can find different kinds of services that are offered from people from all over the world. Note that the prices aren’t universal, so each service provider charges a different sum. Moreover, you can find the YouTube marketing services under the section dedicated to social media marketing. Keep in mind that the reviews can be quite helpful when determining who to buy from.

4) Reddit

It really is a very unconventional social media platform unlike any other. Its main characteristic is that all the users are anonymous and they talk about, what it seems like, every possible topic in the world. And promoting your YouTube videos should go smoothly and it should be well-researched. For instance, the subreddits that are close to the subject in your video can be the place where you can say a few words about it.

Final Words

Sometimes it may feel like marketing YouTube videos isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but it’s definitely worth it when you consider that this way you can get your message across more easily and gain many new customers or supporters.

So, what do you make of YouTube marketing? Would you do it or do you do it already to boost your success?

Published by alex hales