Youtube is a comunity where you share your videos all around the world . Being a youtuber is hard because I am one and I can say that is pretty hard because you have to do all that editing and stuff , it's fun tho .. In youtube you can create any type of videos you want from diy, to fashion , beauty , lifestyle , vlogging , singing , etc,etc. Sometimes it is stressful because when you promise your subscribers you'll upload videos every week and then you forget about that , and then mean comments begin to show up . The first mean comment is the hardest one , you feel like you're going to cry or the whole world is gonna laugh at you , but will not... I mean you'll get used to it , personally I did . Then when you have 100 subscribers you feel so happy as I am right now because for other's that is a small amount but for you , you feel popular, i don't but i have some friends that did , not trying to brag ... But in youtube you make friends , sponsors will come your way but you should ONLY review things that you love ,... And the final thing is to be yourself and if you are bullied about youtube , just don't care , i know so many famous youtuber that have been bullied but now they slay and the haters now want to be their friends . Thanks for reading stay tuned for more AWESOME blogs!

Published by Mac Girl