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Now that I’m home from school and don’t need to wake up early in the morning for class, I can justify the two a.m. night time YouTube sessions. Whether it’s gaming videos, challenges, pranks, or vlogs, I’ll start watching at a decent time and before I know it, four hours have passed and I’ve watched over 40 videos. And it’s not that I’m watching series of videos or a specific type.  It’s really the creators of the videos, the YouTubers themselves that draw me in and make me fall in love with their channels. So, I thought I would share some of my favorites today.

Zoella and PointlessBlog

Zoe Sugg (Zoella) and Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog) both have separate channels, but they share the camera whilst vlogging together and when staring in each other’s videos.

I started watching Zoe firs. Her videos and vlogs kept me occupied when I couldn’t sleep at university and would stay up until four a.m. just lying in bed. I loved her positivity and the way she knew who she was. Plus, I learned a lot about makeup that I didn’t know before. Zoella isn’t just about finding the best products to enhance your beauty but also finding the beauty within yourself and having the courage to conquer your demons, whether they be shyness and anxiety (like Zoe’s) or change.

Alfie spreads similar messages of positivity, happiness and wellness in daily life through his funny challenges and vlogs, which he uploads every day. There’s something so fascinating about following Alfie around as he goes about his life. You get to see Brighton, England from a local’s perspective and see how, in the midst of a world that is so fast-paced, you can still enjoy time with your friends and family and live the dream.


Joe Sugg has similar videos such as challenges and vlogs as Alife does. But, what I love most about Joe’s videos are his prank wars and general antics with other YouTubers. Normally it takes a lot to get me to laugh at something on television or social media. However, Joe’s pranks on CasparLee and Oli White have done away with that. There’ve been multiple nights where I’ve been half awake at two in the morning laughing as quietly as possible so as to not wake the house, because Joe has jump-scared someone. The shenanigans that he and his friends get up to are funny in themselves as well! He’s definitely the guy to watch when you need a good laugh.


Ryan Higa is the first YouTuber I’ve ever subscribed to and consistently watch. (He’s also the only American I mention in this post.) And, ever since I’ve seen his first video “How to be Ninja,” he’s been creating amazing comic and authentic content whilst amassing millions of devoted subscribers and doing events around the world. I’m sure his viewers would love to see him and his friends (Will, Greg, Sean, Derek and more) upload more, but the videos that they do put our are full of creative scripts, expert edits, puny jokes, and subsequent BTS (Behind the Scenes) videos where RHPC (Ryan Higa Production Company) show us all how the video was made and the outtakes. Now, he’s known around the world and has done so much in terms of filming for his viewers and creating a positive influence with every “teehee!”


Another group of YouTubers that can make you laugh with their obviously horrible jokes, inappropriate banter, and emotional reactions are the Sidemen. Simon, Vikk, Josh, JJ, Harry, Tobi, and Ethan (miniminter, Vikkstar123, Zerkaa, KSI, W2S, TBJZL, and Behzinga) are a group of Fifa and various gaming YouTubers who also occasionally vlog and create real life football (soccer) videos along with hilarious challenge videos. They’re the first British YouTubers I subscribed to after I watched all of their football challenges on repeat. Ever since then, they’ve been creating daily content for their collective millions of subscribers and have become a part of my daily life.

Will Darbyshire

Now, Will doesn’t upload every day. Nor does he produce funny videos that make you laugh. His videos are in a class and category all of their own. Deep, thought-provoking, and cinematically artistic, with melodic music and retro vibes that transport you far away from where you are, Will’s videos inspired me to fully dedicate myself to my passions and to pay attention to the world around me. He also instilled in me a desire to start taking more pictures and capturing the important and simple moments that make life worth living. And, despite being an introvert and a cinematic wallflower, Will tries to connect to his viewers on a personal level, talking about life and its difficulties while showing us that who you are is amazing, regardless of whether you’re introverted, extroverted, shy, outgoing, etc. Even though his videos are shorter than other YouTubers’, you feel so much more and are fully engaged compared to those that are just playing in the background.


No YouTuber has ever made me so jealous or so reflective on how I live my life. Louis Cole lives the life everyone wants: he gets to travel around the world with friends, filming videos, going on adventures, creating videos and getting paid for it! It’s not fair, but so intriguing. With his daily vlogs we too can join Louis as he travels to foreign countries, taking in the sights, and talking about life. Each vlog has positive vibes, cinematic shots, culture, coffee, and a bit of cheeky mischief. . His message of “Peace Out. Enjoy Life. And Live the Adventure has inspired so many of his viewers to slow their lives down, go on their own adventures, and try to be happier in their lives. He’s inspired me with the travel bug that I am planning my own road trips and adventures, now, while I’m young and am inspired by experiencing and living life.

I can guarantee that these YouTubers and all of their YouTube friends will inspire and impact your lives in some way. I know that without them, I wouldn’t be approaching life the way I am now: with a positive attitude and a love for living.

(If your favorite YouTuber(s) is/are not part of this list, I most likely do not know who they are or haven’t seen their videos. I realize that I can’t put every single YouTuber in this post, these are just some of my personal favorites. If any of them pique your interest, check them out and subscribe!)

Published by Anne Long