This dip is called ‘Asal Eswed Bel Tahina’ which literally translates to ‘Black Honey (Molasses) with Tahini’, and it’s an awesome dip as it's super filling and it includes around 25g of protein (as much as a can of tuna), healthy fats, and calories. Molasses is extracted from sugar cane and it’s a staple ingredient favourable to many Egyptians. Tahini is sesame paste, which is flavourful and nutrient dense and used in Middle Eastern cuisine.

The ingredients below act as a guideline only, so you can try it out and add more tahini or molasses, as much as you prefer, and mix it more or less to intensify the flavour. Another option is to add water to the tahini to dilute it (make sure to mix it very well!) before you add the molasses, for a lighter dip. 

  • 100g of tahini (sesame paste) – you can find it in the international section of a supermarket, or any health stores
  • 35g of molasses – usually found at health stores
  • Your favourite bread (preferably pitta)

Pour the tahini in a bowl, and gradually add the molasses so it twirls on top and mix very gently until the mixture has pretty brown patterns or if it’s a light brown colour. Dip in some bread and see if you would like more or less of any ingredient to suit your taste. 

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