'Why would anyone join a cult?

Maybe they're unhappy with their current religion, or they want to change the world, or they're disappointed with their lives and want to find something bigger or holier that makes sense of this confusing, chaotic and dangerous world. Or maybe they just want to give themselves the best possible chance of having sex with aliens.

Whatever the reason, once people are in, it's usually very difficult for them to leave. Cults have ways of making their followers do loopy, dangerous stuff to prove their loyalty, and in return they get a chance to feel secure within the cult's embrace, with an added bonus of being utterly terrified of the outside world.

From the tragic JONESTOWN Kool-Aid drinkers to the Australian cult THE FAMILY to the fiery Waco climax of THE BRANCH DAVIDIANS, this book is a wide-sweeping look at cults around the world, from the host of the popular podcast ZEALOT.'

This book was awesome.

I love cults! I knew this book was going to be right up my alley, and boy was I right.

This book was filled with fantastic information about some of the most famous cults and cult leaders. I will admit that I knew about a lot of the cults mentioned in this book, but what surprised me was how many of them I didn’t know about.

I loved getting to read about the cults that were new to me; I even went and did some of my own research into these cults after finishing this book.

Jo Thornely did an amazing job with this book. Sometimes I find reading about a topic I am already familiar with can be a little boring, but I never once felt that way whilst reading this book.

Her writing style was so calm and conversational. In fact it felt exactly like a conversation. The language and statements she used made for a really easy and entertaining reading experience.

This book is the perfect addition to every bookshelf. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert on cults or someone one is dipping into the wacky world of cults for the first time, this book is for you.

Zealot by Jo Thornely will take you through some of the strangest human behaviour and thoroughly entertain you at the same time. An absolute must read for everyone.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker