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One day a samurai came to a Master and asked:

– Where is paradise and where is hell? And where are the gates of heaven and hell?

The Samurai knew only two things: life and death. He did not have any philosophy, he just wanted to know where were the gates – to escape hell and go to heaven.

– Who are you? – the Master asked.

– I’m the leader of samurais – the warrior replied – and the Emperor pays a tribute to me.

The Master laughed and said:


– Are you really the leader of samurais? You look like some poor raga-muffin!

The Samurai’s pride was hurt. He forgot why he had come for, whipped out his sword and was going to kill the Master.  The Master laughed again and said:

– This is the gate of hell. With a sword, being in anger and with your ego you will open it.

The Samurai realized that idea, calmed dawn and sheathed his sword. Then the Master  continued:

– "And now, when you calmed down, you open the gate of heaven".


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