Growing up, my dad always told me asking questions were easy however answering them were difficult and at times impossible. I'd incessantly bombard with odd questions and demand for an answer by sulking. Occasionally the answers he provided would only pique my curiosity further than it already was. That then results in a never-ending Q&A. He would contemplate each question meticulously and would try his level best to provide a comprehensive answer.

One thing I had always appreciated was that he was never lazy. He never once belittled my random questions or chided me for being an irritant. He always attempted to feed the right answers to my questions. To me, he was the most credible man and I was glad he would always accommodate to my inquisitions.

To say that my dad is a role model is an understatement. He taught me all that I had to know about life. He gave me my first beer. He gave me an interesting and enriching sex talk, when I was 10. He lives by the idiom, 'The Early Bird Catches The Worm' and thus we had all fundamental talks before I hit puberty. Might I add, during those talks, I never once raised my hand to question him. I sure was confused from that speech and embarrassed (too) to have had the misconception that kissing on the lips lead to pregnancy. Oh how naive I was. He is everything to me and I can never imagine a life without him.

It didn't take long for me to figure out what my passion is- Teaching. I want to instil my dad's life lesson on kids who are deprived of such role models in their life. I wish to answer each of their burning queries with the same fervour I heard in dad's voice.

One day at the supermarket...

"So Uncle, Zo told me you could answer any question facilely?" Ari began.

"You can call me Guy, Ari and I'm not sure what he has told you but I sure try my best. He was a tough student to please and that predominantly contributed to this status, he has provided me with." dad smirked.

"Don't you worry, old man. I've only told good things. Ari just didn't believe me when I said you had an answer to most of my questions. " I retuned, with a pat on his shoulder.

"Well, obviously I wouldn't believe it. I've heard some ridiculous questions leaving your mouth and they are all absurd. He once asked me to list 100 words that were missing the vowel A, in 30 seconds. Sure, I can list out a few but a hundred of them under 30 seconds? That's insane!" Ari grumbled, unaware that he was actually he who had asked me this riddle.

"Oh that 0-100 question eh, Zo? Proud of ya buddy." Dad replied as he fist-bumped me.

"Ah yes, I should have known it was from you. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, huh. By the way, as hard as I try, I just don't see the resemblance between you 2. Zo, why have you not inherited at least a quarter of Uncle Guy's good looks?" Ari commented nonchalantly.

"Now that I don't have an answer to." he muttered as we both locked eyes with each another for a moment.

Because truth is, he did have an answer...


Published by X Biri