Small bulb flash,

See clouds of lava red trimmed billlowing ash
Angular corner of dark glass curves an amber sash
A moment, appearing

Zone of Spilling Urns

Many zones
Many homes

Nothing flashes
Small existence float
Drift, swift in space invisible dark energy aimless intention lace

A cloud of now, tinkling cause eon bows arc timeless high I

Tall the fall, a sea wall to fair's, dream eyes wide scary escaped laughter dares

Empty jewel hand of the cave eye, lair

Inside, a place
Tubes, in your face
Phase, out of case
Still, is still here yet still race

Transformer self issuing space, inside out mind a strange rovers pace
I am this
Revolving ancients
Spacey cavemen
Latent waves bent


You try to remember when, what is when
Walk is strange bounces music intrude from circuit memory dude
Can't help foot doves, circle like free love

Recall, recall what is there a 'tall
Thought deep pulsating airs burn raging head flames to
Landscape stares this brain revolving, there
Strange questioning hair, aware
Living skin see radiating pairs
Horns beaming rays
Quiet slow motion holocaust storm

Flares Which Call  Themselves Day


Zone tors


Peaceful wars abound


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