Disney, it keeps getting better and better!

I remember where it used to be a time where every female had to find a male to find happiness. 

Since Frozen though Disney started actually spending time with their female characters and started building them into more concrete stories with more meaning behind the cartoon.

Yes, I know you watch Disney for happily ever after, but the way I see it happily ever after can be very disappointing because their happily ever after is actually quite sad. 

Anyway, would I watch suggest this movie to anyone? Yes, yes I would. 


The leading characters have a story and a meaning to their existence. There chasing after their dreams and it's quite nice to see a movie that doesn't involve love but making your dreams true with good friends and a good sense of humor. 

I would suggest it not only for kids but grown-ups as well. 

In conclusion,  gives a nice message to everyone while you enjoy the movie.


Published by Elektra Bakhshov