Hopeless Romantic

Roses are red, violets are blue, can I binge watch Nicholas Sparks movies while eating a cookie or maybe two?

Let’s drop the act and be honest here. Watching chick flicks while eating a tasty snack is definitely one of my despicable guilty pleasures. What can I say? I’m a sucker for romance and happy endings. Although, I’m pretty sure I’m not the last soul on earth who still believes in fairy tales.

It looks so easy to fall in love. Just one look, one smile, one rose and your world can turn upside down. Every love song makes sense now and every poem has a deeper meaning. You see “la vie en rose” just like a dream. In your hand you hold the ticket to love as you embark for a cruise on the clouds ready to be swept off your feet. Sweets taste sweeter and sun shines brighter. Take a seat as I reveal the behind the scenes of a hopeless romantic soliloquy.

I am in love with love and always have been. The sincerity and vulnerability that lays in the state of being in love just gets to me. There’s no need to hold back our sentiments, because love is transparent and shows relentlessly through our actions. We find ourselves on cloud nine exhilarated from tenderness of heart as if nothing can never bring us down. How can we hang up on such call and not want to be in the other end of the line? But, let’s not tell foolish lies, because finding true love isn’t as easy as finding the perfect outfit for a first rendezvous.

I realized throughout the years that I can’t wait for my own fairy tale to unravel itself just like the sleeping beauty waited a hundred years for a good morning kiss from the prince.  If I wanted to reach that state of exhilaration I needed to be the author of my love story and the poet behind my rhymes. I needed to find love and so I met it wearing a romantic rosy blouse that showed candour and kindness. I met it everyday. In people, in gestures, in intentions and in myself. I am in love with love and now with life. And love can only grow stronger if it’s real so let it bloom to live at ease.

There’s no limits in how much we can love. Loving life is essential since it goes hand in hand with being happy. Love is blind only if your heart is, so we have to open our eyes to the many ways we can be in love. Don’t let yourself fall in love as it is as easy to fall out of it. Love is a choice. Everyday choose to love.

Sincerely, Enn e

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