Long time no see. Missed me? Maybe not. But I’m back anyway. Got caught up in busy schedules and unfinished to-do lists. Managed to finally get some free time to swoop in and come catch up.

Grab a tasty drink and get comfy. Time to chitchat.

As the school year is finally over, at least on my part, I have officially activated my chill mode and I’m ready to cool down while the weather is still warming up. These couple past mouths have been quite eventful I must say, leaving me dealing with the usual highs and lows of life only to realise that it’s time for me to take a step back and put on my comfiest look a.k.a. mom jeans and white converse as it has literally become my overdone uniform lately. Did I just break one of the famous unwritten laws of fashion of not wearing the same outfit twice? Oops. Guess rules are meant to be broken, right?

So, here I am kicking off the summer light hearted and too cool for school ready to make most of my time focusing on “moi”! Seems selfish, huh? But at the end of the day the time we invest in ourselves is as valuable as the time we invest in others allowing us to keep nourishing our mind and soul with love and positivity. It’s very easy to loose ourselves between our daily assignments and time consuming projects.

While we’re too busy thinking about meeting the deadlines, we forget to water the precious flower that is the self. And even if we manage to steel some time between two tasks, we lose it in some foolish way distracted by the new means of communication. Of course, there’s always time to snap the perfect selfie to post on social media and show the world how well we’ve been doing, but really how are we doing? Maybe we swiped too fast and missed the update.

The selfie was cute, but how’s our very own self really holding up these days. If the answer is the same old: “Fine, thank you”, we’re either antisocial or clearly lacking inspiration as we didn’t yet get the chance to have an honest one-on-one convo with ourselves. Having full plate is not so fun anymore when we find ourselves bland inside.

To this I say, we must always try our best to find time for ourselves. Go out and date yourself. No jokes. I’m dead serious! Go have a romantic walk around the city and get to know who you are, your ambitions, your passions… Try something new. Idk, painting, horse riding, cooking class, whatever you like! If you can name it, just do it. The sky’s the limit. Have fun and enjoy your precious company. Spend time to do what you love and learn to love yourself.

If you’re really too busy to do anything, take the little time you have when you come home after work to dance around the house with a good beat in the background, or you can do just about anything you love to do. You’re only coming back to your usual routine with a healthier and fulfilled spirit. Hey, I’m only speaking from experience here. There’s nothing like spending time for ourselves to feel better and motivated. Taking care of our inner self is as important, if not more, as any of our daily duties.

So promise me next time someone asks you how you’ve been doing, you’ll have plenty to say.

Sincerely, Enn e

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