Spiraling on the journey of life with Chintan k Patel

Spiraling on the journey of life with Chintan k Patel

Dec 19, 2021, 9:21:39 PM Life and Styles

Life has several steps which makes the journey worthwhile. The journey of life takes place in different steps and each of these steps have a different story to tell. The steps will be teaching you some lesson or other. Chintan k Patel has shared an image on Instagram of himself sitting on the steps of a staircase. The entire outlook of the image is extremely serious. The outlook of the image is similar to the setup of a healthcare system. The sobriety of the image makes it a serious one and lets us get to know a bit more about it.

The soft attire for sobriety

Chintan Patel has put on a white shirt along with a strip t-shirt. He is also sporting black ripped jeans with his white characteristic sneakers. He is looking at the screen of his phone with superior intent. The staircase has green steps which adds a different dimension to the image. The railing and walls had the stark contrast of white. The entire situation seems to be very serious. The lighting of the scenario is extremely aesthetic as well. No kind of filter has been used by Chintan k Patel here. The naked reality of the image makes it even more serious.

Understanding some hazards of life

The caption of the image also carried a serious tone. The caption has been stated in Hindi, his mother tongue. He has mentioned that he is like the ocean. The calmness of the top of the ocean easily hides the internal turmoil of water. The inner portion of the ocean is extremely tumultuous and this is often hidden by the superficial surface of the ocean. Chintan k Patel has mentioned the caption very strongly. The contrast of the image with the caption is quite great. The entire image looks like it is hiding the calmness of the storm.

Life will often offer the challenges of your life in a way that you will not be able to deal with a calm mind. However, you have to keep a strong mind and make sure that you have not left the inner peace of your mind. You cannot show to the world about the turmoil which you are facing in your day to day life. Chintan Patel has tried to share this message with his followers on Instagram handle. There are times when you will come across the most difficult times where you may not be able to contain the storm inside you.

Keep your storm within!

Chintan k Patel tried to include the verse into his caption as it is one of the most important lessons in their lives. In each step of the journey, there will be troubles. These troubles will only be the tip of the iceberg if you know how to keep your storm inside you. Chintan Patel has advised his followers to do this and followed the suit on his own. The smaller steps of trial are what lead you on the true path of victory.

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