5 Ways to Travel on a Tight Budget

5 Ways to Travel on a Tight Budget

Jul 31, 2019, 1:12:15 AM Opinion

Many consider travelling a luxury due to the misconception that it is expensive. However, it is possible to tour around the world without breaking the bank. It only requires creativity to travel cheap or even for free. 

See the following tips that will help you travel on a tight budget:

House sitting work

Would you like to travel around the world taking care of homes while the owners are away on their own travels? 

This way you get to keep your travel costs extremely low. A second benefit is it exposes you to an intimate experience with a new location and the surrounding neighbourhood.

Accommodation costs can be daunting. Thanks to the invention of house sitting work, people can now travel on extremely tight budgets to places they would have otherwise never travelled. 

Even better, this can work for any traveller. House sitting can range from days to years; you only have to find the one that suits your travel needs.

Off-peak travel periods

Just because it is off-peak in your country, it does not necessarily mean that it is off-peak in other countries. Get to know the seasonality of travel in different countries. 

Do thorough research about your destination to know their tourist seasons since they vary in countries. A little planning will help you to avoid the tourist buzz that lead to high prices.

Travelling to countries will a different lifestyle is advisable. The flight cost might be higher, but you will get cheap accommodation and activities in destinations such as Southeast Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America. 

Most activities in these destinations are cheap if not free. The landscapes too are phenomenal.

Meals in your trip

It just does not add up to be spending large amounts of money on food during a trip. You do not have to eat out every other meal because you are travelling. 

Your trip will not get ruined if you decide to cook your own fresh food. Cooking your meals will save you so much money when travelling.

Staying in a hostel is a wallet-friendly accommodation option. Besides paying cheap for your accommodation, you get to cook your meals. 

Most hostels have a communal kitchen and laundry place that will save you plenty of money during your travel. However, be sure not to get a hostel that hosts multiple people if you want your stay to be comfortable. 

Being hosted by friends and family would cut the cost of food even further.


T-shirts and glasses are fun and cute but will add unnecessary costs to your travel, not to mention the weight they will add to your suitcase. 

You do not have to buy tons of things to remember a location. Taking a snap with your smartphone is more than enough.

Sometimes your friends and family might request that you take them something from your trip. In such a case, be sure to get something simple and quirky such as shell off a beach or anything else from that you can get cheaply or for free.

Fun and entertainment

Nature is a cheap option for entertainment while travelling. Do a little research to find out the kind of outdoor activities your destination has to offer. 

Kayaking, hiking and camping are some of the fun outdoor activities you are likely to find in most locations. Settle for an activity that is weather appropriate. 

Make it more fun by pushing your limits just a little bit. Free walking tours are also a great way to entertain yourself. Remember to use your professional or student discount pass whenever possible.

Published by Eric Foley

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