7 Most Common Safety Hazards in a Commercial Kitchen

7 Most Common Safety Hazards in a Commercial Kitchen

Aug 11, 2019, 10:41:08 AM Opinion

In a commercial kitchen, many things happen at the same time. From cutting vegetables to baking cakes to cleaning countertops, these places have a very fast pace of work, where things must be done urgently and quickly to satisfy the customer’s needs. 

Thanks to this and to the type of activities that take place in a kitchen, it is possible that accidents occur if the appropriate precautions are not taken. 

To prevent any unfortunate incidents from happening, the 7 most common safety hazards that are found in a commercial kitchen are detailed below.

Lifting Heavy Objects

In a commercial kitchen, it is normal to find a variety of products and heavy tools that workers have to lift and carry frequently. 

For this reason, it is extremely important that every person in the kitchen knows the correct way to lift heavy objects from the ground or any other surface. Otherwise, there is a significant chance of injury due to ergonomic faults.

Slippery Floors

Due to the hectic work pace that is present in commercial kitchens, liquid spills are common and the floor has to be cleaned constantly. 

Consequently, there is a high level of injuries reported due to falls or slips. To prevent this type of accident, it is necessary to try to clean spills immediately, and to put up signs of wet floors when floors are being cleaned.

Hot Items

It is to be expected that one of the most frequent wounds in a commercial kitchen will be burns. 

In places like this, hot objects are handled all day, so it is very important that there is adequate equipment and training in handling hot items.

For example, to remove or put any object in the hot oven, it is essential that workers use oven mitts to minimize the risk of burns.

Sharp Items

Another very common wound in an industrial kitchen cuts, as you might expect. 

Therefore, it is essential that each worker be an expert in the handling of food, and that protective gloves be used in cases where it is necessary. 

Additionally, small parts storage units can be used to store sharp objects and tools safely.

Cleaning Chemicals

Since they are cleaned frequently, many cleaning chemicals are used in restaurant kitchens. These chemicals can be the cause of burns, allergies or skin lesions if they have contact with sensitive skin. 

It is important to make sure to use a correct assortment of products for the cleaning of the kitchen in order to prevent this type of accidents without neglecting the appearance of the overall space.

Electrical Hazards

To minimize the risk of any type of injuries or burns due to the incorrect use of electrical objects, it is important to instruct the kitchen staff to never manipulate equipment with wet hands, to not pull connection wires, and to report any electric failure that may exist.

Incorrect Machinery Use

Speaking of the incorrect use of machinery, each one of the workers in a kitchen must be trained to correctly use all the equipment to which they may be exposed during their working day. 

A worker who does not know how to use, for example, a slicer, represents an imminent risk to his wellbeing.

In conclusion, to prevent any type of accident in a commercial kitchen, it is always important to ensure that each of the workers is clear about the ways in which they can contribute to ensure a safe working environment. 

This means ensuring that everyone is properly trained in risk and preventive measures. Additionally, there are many companies that specialize in providing safety assessments and solutions, like OH&S Consultants.

If a focused effort is implemented to try to minimize risk in the kitchen and all employees are adequately, the number of accidents will lower dramatically.

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