7 Ways to Green Your Office Block

7 Ways to Green Your Office Block

Sep 28, 2019, 9:52:49 AM Business

The idea of ​​helping the environment in every action we do becomes more popular every day. Recycling, not using plastic, and reducing our energy and water consumption are some of the measures we usually follow. 

Making your office greener will help not only the environment but also your work team, increasing productivity and commitment.

There are many good environmental practices to do in the office.  If you are interested in making your office a sustainable workplace, read these seven tips so that you can start greening your work space immediately. 

Reduce paper consumption

Offices are one of the places where we use paper the most. However, is it necessary to use as much? Always ask yourself that question before printing something. Try to take advantage of electronic media as much as you can, print on both sides of the sheet and recycle as much paper as possible.

Minimize E-waste

E-waste is the waste generated by any electronic device once it has reached its useful life. Before discarding a damaged device, it is better to check if you can fix it or sell it. 

It is essential to only dispose of electronics once they are genuinely unsalvageable since some components can be polluting when coming into contact with the environment. 

Make sure you dispose of items responsibly, according to council guidelines.


Having employees work from home, so they do not have to go to the office is a very ecological measure for saving fuel and energy. 

Additionally, you should always encourage the use of public transport or greener means of transportation, such as bicycles, to reduce carbon emissions.

Eco-friendly products

Whenever possible, it is advisable to choose suppliers that also care about the environment. Buying recycled paper and other everyday products that are green can mean a significant change for the planet. 

On the other hand, hiring a cleaning service that uses green products is highly recommended, since it not only helps the environment but is also healthier for those in the office.

Add plants to the office

Having green plants in our workplace enriches not only the space in which we work but also improves productivity, reducing the level of stress and increasing concentration.

If the office does not have dedicated spaces to place plants, you can always use commercial planter boxes. You can place these boxes anywhere and choose the design that best matches the workspace.

Natural light

If l your office is surrounded by windows, let natural light enter through them and turn off the lights. This simple action can mean a significant saving of both money and energy. 

If there is no natural light, it is best to start using energy-saving light bulbs, which last longer and save much more power than conventional bulbs.

Turn off office equipment

It is common to see computers switched on even if there is no one sitting at an office desk. Also, many printers remain on at night to save the time it takes to start it up the next day. 

Even if you are not using these devices, their energy consumption is constant. The amount of energy these machines consume can be surprising if there are several on for a long time. That is why it is essential to turn off everything that is not being used and leave only the necessary equipment turned on at night.

To conclude, following these tips not only helps the planet but also reduces your energy bill and makes the office environment become more enjoyable.  Also, there are many more ways you can save energy, paper or other resources in the office. Having everyone cooperate can be fun while you follow the path to a  "greener" workplace.

Published by Eric Foley

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