A Dentist Isn’t Just a Dentist Anymore

A Dentist Isn’t Just a Dentist Anymore

Jun 12, 2019, 10:49:22 AM Opinion

Dentistry is a profession that is far more expansive than many might presume. Most people first assume that the field is comprised of only family dentists who clean teeth and fill cavities.

However, dentistry is extensive, and a general dentist, such as Lake Haven Dental Clinic is one among a group of many. The following are some of the other dentistry specialities that you might not have known exist:


Periodontistry focuses on gums. A periodontist prevents, diagnoses and treats gum-related issues such as gum diseases, dental implants and skin grafting on the gums.

A general dentist can handle mild gum problems; a periodontist comes in when extensive work is needed on the gums.


You might think the work of an orthodontist is just to install braces to fix teeth. However, they also are responsible for rectifying facial structure issues like crooked teeth and jawbones for cosmetic reasons.

Generally, the work of an orthodontist is to design custom oral gadgets that help development issues.


Endodontists focus on any dental issues involving the pulp, the soft part of the tooth that is found below the gumline.

Various factors such as injury decay or trauma can cause the pulp to be inflamed, damaged or even rotten and thus the need for an endodontist to treat or remove it.


Prosthodontists get involved when a dental patient needs oral prostheses for either cosmetic or functional purposes.

Oral prostheses such as dentures are used for replacement in the case of severe decay, damage or missing teeth.

Oral Surgery

Any surgery involving either hard or soft tissues found in or around the mouth is categorised as oral surgery. The dentists who perform these surgeries are known as oral surgeons.

Oral surgeons also perform cleft palate, reconstructive surgeries and surgeries for cleft lips. This specialist occasionally treats sleep apnea, facial infections, biopsies and extraction of cancerous tissues.

Oral Radiology

During dental treatments, radiant energy might be used to diagnose or even treat. Oral radiology is the study that focuses on the production and interpretation of images and data produced by any radiant energy used during dental treatment.

Oral pathology

Oral pathology is a dentistry speciality that deals with the identification, nature and treatment of oral diseases.

This speciality focuses on identifying the processes, causes and effects of oral and dental diseases. Practising oral pathology requires oral pathologist to carry out various research to diagnose oral disorders and conditions.


Pedodontics is a branch of dentistry that is age-defined, focusing entirely on children’s teeth – from infants to adolescents. A dentist in this speciality is known as a pedodontist or pediatric dentist.

A pedodontist carries out oral therapeutic care in addition to comprehensive preventive and primary care. Specialists in this field of dentistry are also responsible for the oral care of persons with special developmental needs.

Forensic Odontology

Forensic odontology refers to cases when dentistry knowledge is used by a criminal justice system to enforce criminal or civil law.

Investigative agencies require the help of forensic dentists to identify human remains. From their dentistry knowledge, forensic dentists help to determine the age and identity of the unidentified person.

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