Creative Wedding Invitation Ideas

Creative Wedding Invitation Ideas

Aug 30, 2019, 1:41:33 AM Life and Styles

Many couples go for the traditional wedding invitation. It is an easy thing to fall back on, but is it very unique? The answer is no. In this new day and age, people are constantly looking for new and creative ways to update their wedding invitations. They want to be unique and remembered. Here is a collection of creative wedding invitation ideas for couples to try out.

Balloon Save the Date

This is an incredibly unique way to send either a save the date or invitation. Instead of a regular card explaining all the information, you get a deflated balloon attached to a card. In order to look at the information, you have to blow up the balloon. Once it is blown up, the information will reveal itself. It is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Paper Record Player Invitation

If you like creating and folding, then this is the invitation for you. You provide your guests with a booklet-style invitation. They have to fold the invitation to reveal a sewing needle that moves on the grooves of a flexi-disc record. The folding will increase the volume of the record, and you can listen to an original song by the couple. It will include all the information necessary while making your guests work for it.

3D Invitations

Available for any type of wedding, all you have to do is rent a laser cutter/engraver. This helps make a 3D effect on the invitations. The pop-up items help show the guests what type of wedding they will be in for. And it is a cool way to make your invitations somewhat interactive. One couple was having their wedding in the woods, so they had trees popping out of the invites.

Wedding Invite Boxes

Instead of an actual invitation, guests will receive a wedding invitation in the form of a box. It includes the information usually associated with an invite, along with items that represent the couple. One couple that did this were big travelers, so they included an array of spices for each guest. It showed what they liked to do while ensuring that their guests would keep these boxes for a while.

Moving Compass Wedding Wheel

Another interactive invite, this one is in the shape of a compass. All of the pertinent information is included on the sides of the compass. The wheel can be moved to reveal the date, the location, the time and more. It is a good choice for couples that are adventurous and often use compasses to find their way.

View master Wedding Invitation

View masters are a flashback to childhood, and using these as a wedding invite will be greatly appreciated. Guests will have to look through the different images in order to piece together the information. It takes a little while to get used to it, but it is a great way to get guests excited for the wedding. This invitation will be the talk of the town and might even inspire some to buy a view master of their own.

Cootie Catcher Wedding Invitation

Similar to the view master, a cootie catcher is another callback to an easier time. This is a good idea if the couple were childhood friends or sweethearts, as they most likely played together with a cootie catcher back in the day. Guests will have to flip through the different flaps to learn about your wedding. It is a cute little invitation that speaks of how long the couple has known each other.

Chocolate Wrapper Wedding Invitation

To make the event so much sweeter, you can create a custom wrapper that has all of the details. Then you can send a wrapped chocolate bar to each of your guests. They will be able to munch on the chocolate while learning about the event.

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