How to Stop Burglars from Targeting Your Home

How to Stop Burglars from Targeting Your Home

Feb 27, 2019, 8:12:15 PM Life and Styles

There is no doubt that home security has become a top priority among homeowners across the world. In fact, it is believed that burglaries tend to happen in a minute, suggesting that no one is really safe from them. Knowing how to stop burglars from infiltrating your property can really go a long way to safeguarding you, your family, and your belongings. 

Interestingly, there are ways that can make it difficult for these lowlife individuals to choose your home. 
Above all else, these ways for preventing burglars from breaking into your property are inexpensive and effective. While there is the possibility of stopping them altogether, you can still reduce and even slow them down a bit.

Without further ado, here are some foolproof ways to stop burglars from targeting your home:

1. Install Home Security Cameras

If you have not installed security cameras in your home yet, then you should consider doing so as soon as possible. Think of them as your own personal security guard services. They are always on duty, guarding your home safely from any exploit. When a burglar sees one of them, he would really think twice about infiltrating your home. 

Sure, these thieves can wear masks all day, but they would not risk themselves getting caught. This is most especially the case if your home has audio alarms installed. Even if you are just renting, there is a necessity to install security cameras these days. And statistical reports say that properties with this type of security are 300 percent less likely to be broken into.

2. Install a Deadlock

Let’s say you are not completely sold out with the idea of install security cameras (but seriously?). You can always go with installing a deadlock, which ensures that your doors are completely secure. Most thieves are fond of accessing a property via its front door – it is simply their decision by default. If your front door looks a bit tatty – or one that comes with the conventional cylinder lock – then it will surely catch the attention of any thief. It is time to consider using a deadlock instead.

3. Get a Huge Barking Dog

Having a big dog may be an old-school method, but it is still efficient in stopping burglars from targeting your property. As a matter of fact, convicted burglars confessed that seeing a dog instead would automatically change their mind from breaking into a home. 

You really do not have to force yourself into getting a huge dog. Even if it is a small one, it is already effective if it comes with a loud bark. It is already deterrent against thieves. They know that dogs are capable of waking up the entire neighbourhood. And obviously, they do not want their presence to be known.

4. Get Some Motion-Activated Floodlights

There is a huge benefit to installation motion-activated floodlights, especially if you keep them on at night. Not only can they scare burglars away, but they also keep them for good. As soon as they set foot on your property, they will find themselves in the spotlight. That is definitely the last thing they want to happen. And, as a result, they will scurry themselves off as quickly as possible. 

Burglars understand that property with motion-activated floodlights is difficult to infiltrate. As such, they would think twice about breaking into your home. To put it simply, they would rather risk entering a property with little to zero defense than doing so in one with motion-activated floodlights.

5. Lock Everything Up

Based on a recent report, 56 percent of burglars can come in via the back door or the front door. The other percentage goes in through the home’s first-floor window. And do you know why they seem to have every access imaginable? That is because these entry points are not locked! 

If you are serious about stopping burglars from targeting your home, you should lock everything up and call CCTV installation companies. For doors that are thin, replace them with thicker ones. The latter could not be easily kicked in. More importantly, make sure to lock all of them using deadlocks. Do these and you should be able to reduce the chances of burglars entering your property.


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