Interesting Roofing Ideas for Decks in 2019

Interesting Roofing Ideas for Decks in 2019

Feb 18, 2019, 7:45:24 PM Life and Styles

A well-designed deck is one that comes with a handful of built-ins and features, all of which are added for the purpose of enhancing the structure’s overall design and materials. Of course, the better the design will be, the less noticeable it will be.

Before you look and hire roofers in Essex, it is imperative to do your homework first and plan how you want to renovate your decks. Well, fortunately for you, you have come to the right place. Here are some of the coolest roofing ideas for decks. You will not regret them!

1. Modern Deck

This one right here is more focused on introducing privacy on the rear of your yard. From the front, you would not be able to tell just how beautiful the set up would be unless you go to the back. This covered deck epitomizes the beautiful extension of the interior. At the same time, it strategically reflects the many proportions across a grassy courtyard.

2. Locomotive Ranch Trailer

Do you want a roofing idea like no other? Why not trying making your deck look like a ranch trailer? You can try to incorporate the titular design from the 1954 Spartan Imperial Mansion-house trailer, which has been the template ever since. Of course, your creativity will have to be put into test here. You can add either a hot tub feature or replace the walls with glasses for that transparent approach.

3. Sydney Beach Style

This one right here is without a doubt the simplest in the list. It is all about introducing a slightly rustic and greyed-out atmosphere, one that is beautifully complemented by a beach vibe. But the best thing about the Sydney Beach Style is the thatch-style roof, which gives your deck a casual yet tropical look. It is like you are close to a beach or something.

4. Blackbutt Deck

All you need to have here is the dark-stained Blackbutt hardwood, which will be placed on your deck and raised above the ground. Doing so will make it possible for you to level the kitchen, allowing you to look down over the pool. You can do the same thing with the roof, though a solar pergola would be nice. Why? Imagine a deck that is all-weather entertaining.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?

5. Mixed Materials

Who says you need to spend a lot of money just to incorporate the best roofing ideas for your deck? That is absolutely a myth. You see, there are ways to make the overall design of your deck look sophisticated and even natural. The secret here is to use a variety of mixed materials. The texture this one provides here will make any outdoor deck look extra special. This is most especially the case if you add some timber framing and/or rough-hewn stone for the rook.

6. Shade Sails

Do you want your deck to feel like you are sailing on a vast ocean? Well, the key here is to use the Shade Sails. It would appear that you extended your living space. It is very minimalist and you really do not have to use some extravagant materials. All you need to have is some Cali Shade Sails, which you would overlap and use to cover the deck for a casual outdoor siesta.

7. Rich and Warm Word

Another minimalist approach to designing your deck is the incorporation or rich and warm wood. Your goal here is to turn your deck into something that has patina blurs. And to make the overall design more appealing, go for a framed roof extension, one that beautifully continues the same ceiling materials you used inside. Why? This would give the much-needed consistency in terms of design in your property.

8. Shelter the Chef

So, let’s say you are fond of cooking or eating with the family in your deck. Why not introduce a mini kitchen there and a little shelter roof? The latter, in particular, is meant to cover the kitchen table. That way, cooking will be more comfortable. Of course, the idea is to also improve the aesthetic value of your deck. You can be as creative as you can be here and, at the same time, add some kitchen appliances to compliment the entire look.

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